Update 1.6 : Hotfixes

  • Full Moon: the cart isn’t part of the “Boowolf” family anymore. The “Silence” effect is now working correctly.
  • Tracker Chafer: The “Pile of Bones” targeted on appearance is destroyed before the “Tracker Chager” charges.
  • Milkar: the effect of “Full Moon” is now correctly applied.
  • Ghoul Taka: Ghouls are no longer randomly drawn. Its text becomes: "Replace the Ghouls of your hand under your deck and draw as many Ghouls."
  • Martingale: Cards are no longer drawn randomly.
  • Psychoz Vial: Can now be used on Walls.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the purchase of card packs when you have just enough kamas account.
  • The event quest "The Brotherhood of the Tofu" will now count every victory in Ranked Play, even if the player lose one Dofus.