It took some time, but we finally have a launch date! Update 1.15 will be out on Tuesday, June 30!

In the next Krosmaga patch, we've decided to modify several cards to bring them up to date. And we're letting you know in advance so you can start thinking about your future decks now!

People liked the idea of getting three platforms for the price of one. So we're doing it again! When it comes to putting themselves on a pedestal, the gods can never seem to get enough. But bright colors and kawaii styles are so five minutes ago… This time, try the Dark pack, available from April 16th to 22nd!

In a varied meta full of established decks, many classes are facing off in the March ranked season leaderboard. Time to see which players will stay in the game!

Nearly 500 of you took part in the OPEN Tournament #1, which was won by OctuplePioute. How many of you will return for the second installment, and who will take home the €1,500 prize?
Until Monday, all packs will contain 20% extra kamas for the same price! Quiiick, get to the Shop!

Now that you've warmed up with trophies, this contest asks you to make your own Krosmaga platform. And if you win, the platform will be added to the game! To all the artists out there: don't miss this opportunity!

By dint of repeatedly hitting the coffeepot, even the gods end up "brewing" now and again. Stop them from having a meltdown by equipping them with platforms that are as cheerful as they are fresh! The Jelly Pack* consists of three platforms – including a brand new one – for the price of one! And you've got a whole week to make the most of it!