People liked the idea of getting three platforms for the price of one. So we're doing it again! When it comes to putting themselves on a pedestal, the gods can never seem to get enough. But bright colors and kawaii styles are so five minutes ago… This time, try the Dark pack, available from April 16th to 22nd!

KROSMAGA Free Percedal Emote! Shop - March 29, 2018

A special offer devoted to the Ioppest of Iops! Until April 8, receive an animated Percedal emote with packs of 500 or more kamas.

Until Monday, all packs will contain 20% extra kamas for the same price! Quiiick, get to the Shop!

By dint of repeatedly hitting the coffeepot, even the gods end up "brewing" now and again. Stop them from having a meltdown by equipping them with platforms that are as cheerful as they are fresh! The Jelly Pack* consists of three platforms – including a brand new one – for the price of one! And you've got a whole week to make the most of it!

Dive right into the arena with the In the Fray Pack! There are 15 five-card packs with assorted card types, including rares, Krosmics and Infinites, to help you take down your opponents! But that's not all! At 60% off, it costs just €9.99!

The gods of the World of Twelve have their own priorities: They're usually more interested in handing out bruises than Kwismas cookies, but what they've got in store for you this time is better than sliced bread. Their special emissary for the season is the Kwismas Queen, and she's a real treat as well: get her for free in packs of 500 or more kamas until December 31!

With 150 new cards and the entrance of the god Enutrof, the Necros & Paladirs expansion will truly put your skills to the test. To face up to this challenge, stack the cards in your favor with the pre-order pack: 50 Necro packs, as well as an exclusive platform and emote! It is available until June 27th.