The 1.15 patch, developed thanks to the help of the community, is now available. An expansion that is not afraid to get dirty!

As part of our efforts to keep on giving you a better gaming experience with the release of the Salamurai Skewers expansion, we're applying a few bug fixes that are available now!

Patch 1.12 is bringing numerous changes that you were able to read about in the patch note. In order to explain our decisions clearly and be fully transparent, here's the Patch 1.12 Devblog!

This new expansion has it all: the first appearance of the goddess Feca, the Brotherhood of the Forgotten, and new cards for each class. To discover all 90 new cards, pick up the pre-order pack: 25 Brotherhood of Oropo packs, an exclusive platform, and two new phrases to use in-game! This pack is available until midnight (CET) on December 11.

The goddess Feca has arrived, and she's brought over 70 new cards to add to your collection. And with them come new mechanics. In this article, we're going to explain exactly how they work!

KROSMAGA Patch 1.7 now in Beta! Updates - November 15, 2017

It’s no longer a secret by now: Feca is coming to Krosmaga on December 12th! But it won’t be the only addition from that update… Try these new features in Beta right now!  

A shadow has fallen over the World of Twelve. In the darkness, eyes glow red like lanterns. Do they belong to Boowolves? Or maybe Ghouls? Or could it be Chafers?! Good heavens! They will all be in the Vampyro pack!

KROSMAGA Devblog: Balancing Updates - September 08, 2017

Whether veteran or Rank 2, you regularly write to us on the forums or social media about combos that are too powerful, cards that can't be countered, and which gods are currently OP. We've taken your feedback since Update 1.41 into account, and we're going to implement a major balancing patch on September 11th!