As we mentioned last week, we would like to include you closely in Krosmaga's next update. Here's some more information about that.

Jeu en ligne Season 17 Rewards Community - June 18, 2018

Although Dopples aren't (yet) represented in Krosmaga, they can still have a special place in your games thanks to this platform!

KROSMAGA Season 15 Rewards Community - April 12, 2018

The April season is already underway, so it's time to unveil the rewards you can get this month!

After winning the end-of-season tournament in December, Oplee has once again taken his game to a new level to beat his team mate Show and win the 4th KWS tournament!

You might have seen it live on the official Krosmaga Twitch channel: OctuplePioute overcame ASK-ing in the final and won the first KWS Open. We had the chance to interview this up-and-coming young player after his win.

KROSMAGA Test your knowledge! Community - January 23, 2018

2018 kicks off with a bang and a contest! Do you consider yourself a bit of a gaming expert and pride yourself on your knowledge? Time to put yourself to the test!

The December end-of-season tournament was full of spectacular matches and, in the end, Ex-Oplee took home a brilliant win. He's won his second major tournament, after the ESWC! Here's an interview with the young Krosmaga prodigy for you!
The Krosmaga World Series runs all year long, but the month of January will be especially jam-packed with tournaments on the Krosmaga eSport circuit!