THE BROTHERHOOD OF OROPO, the second Krosmaga expansion, is available:


  • The goddess Feca has been added, along with 35 cards specific to her, including 2 Necros and 2 Paladirs.
  • All Fecas have the Rallying ability. If an allied Minion with Rallying is on the battlefield and the player plays a Minion with this ability on an adjacent row, the Minion played will move forward to the cell next to the Minion with Rallying who is already on the board. Rallied Minions do not charge, and therefore do not trigger a fight if they encounter an enemy Minion. Rallied Minions suffer summoning sickness.
  • Feca can place glyphs on the board. If an allied Feca Minion walks over them, they gain +1 Armor per row occupied by an allied glyph. Glyphs can only be destroyed when enemy Minions walk over them.
  • Three cards have been added for the existing gods: two Minions and 1 spell.
  • The Brotherhood of the Forgotten has been added: Eight new Infinite cards and their associated offerings have been added.
    • Brotherhood of the Forgotten cards are associated with a new game mechanic: When a Minion with the Brotherhood effect comes into play, you can target an enemy Minion on the board. All other copies of that card in the enemy deck will be discarded.
  • A new pack of cards has been added in the Shop. The Brotherhood pack costs 100 kamas, and consists exclusively of cards added in this expansion (1 rare, Krosmic, or Infinite card guaranteed per pack). These cards are therefore not available in existing packs.


Automatic changing of seasons:

  • From now on, changing seasons and attributing end-of-season rewards will be done automatically on the last day of each month, at 11:59 p.m. UTC.





  • "Simultaneous" effects: When an effect has multiple targets, the effect is now applied to all targets before checking if other effects have been triggered, instead of handling each target in turn.
  • Appearance effects are now only executed when the card is played from a player's hand.









  • A bug has been corrected that made it so that certain skills could not be affected by silencing. Now, all skills can be canceled by silencing, except for the WALL effect.
  • Strange behavior has been corrected, such as effects not being canceled upon the destruction or change of team of the bearer of the effect executed on enemy Minions (Impartial Hero and Toothy Arachnee, for example).




  • Golden Bow Meow: Their effect will be correctly triggered upon the appearance of a Black Bow Meow when a Persian dies.
  • Elite Chafer: Their ability "PILE OF BONES. APPEARANCE: Destroy a Pile of Bones to gain +1 AT, +1 AR, and +1 MP." has become "PILE OF BONES. APPEARANCE: Destroy an allied Pile of Bones to gain +1 AT, +1 AR, and +1 MP."
  • In the Bag: Their effect now also works on enemy prisms that are on your starting cells.
  • Chest family: Loot placed by a Chest when it dies now belongs to the same team as the Chest.
  • Maine Goon: The MP bonus given by a Glai is no longer kept when Maine Goon changes its MP at the end of turn, depending on the number of Bow Meows in play.
  • Many of Brakmar: He will no longer inflict damage on the Dofus when he no longer has any cards available to draw.
  • Full Moon: Its resistance effect is no longer cumulative. Silencing a Boowolf no longer makes it lose the resistance effect.
  • Cursed Rose: It will no longer inflict its damage itself; this will avoid it killing itself when another allied Minion injures itself (Saguaro, for example).
  • Chestankhamun: A bug has been corrected that caused the item of Loot to be placed on the wrong cell when Chestankhamun killed Pace Trese.
  • Sire Flexington: When his team's last real Dofus is destroyed, Sire Flexington's effect is no longer triggered. Moreover, when changing team, his effect changes as well.
  • Sacrifice: It is now the sacrificed creature's attack that is inflicted on the targeted creature.


Following the changes to appearance effects, the following cards have been modified in order to preserve behavior similar to that of their previous versions:

  • Kabrok ***: Its ability "APPEARANCE: Summons a Crobak on each cell on its line. Gains +1 AT and +1 AR per allied Crobak that comes into play." has become "APPEARANCE: Summons a Crobak on each cell on its line. Your Crobaks charge 1 cell." Its attack has increased from 4 to 7. Its HP have increased from 4 to 7.
  • Khan Karkass ***: His ability "APPEARANCE: Summons 3 Fans on adjacent cells." has become "APPEARANCE: Summons 3 Fans on adjacent cells. The Fans charge."
  • Celestial Moogrr: Its ability "APPEARANCE: Summons 2 Moogrroons on adjacent cells, then charges 2 cells." has become "APPEARANCE: Summons 2 Moogrroons on adjacent cells, then charges 2 cells. Your Moogrroons charge 2 cells."




  • Chafer Gobball: Its attack has been reduced from 3 to 2.
  • Count Harebourg *, Count Harebourg **, and Count Harebourg ***: The Brotherhood power has been added, and they have been added to the "Brotherhood of the Forgotten" family.
  • Dark Vlad: The Brotherhood power has been added, and he has been added to the "Brotherhood of the Forgotten" family.
  • Pocket Watch Maker: Her cost has increased from 4 to 5 AP.
  • Necronomigore: Its activation time period has increased from 5 to 6 turns.
  • Miranda: In order to simplify understanding the card and to modify weird situations when Miranda changes team (Psykosis Flask, Anathar, etc.), it is no longer Miranda who will take control of enemy Minions, but the player. You will therefore stay in control of Minions that have changed team thanks to Miranda in the event that Miranda changes team.
  • Otomai *, Otomai **, and Otomai ***: The Rallying power has been added.
  • Beelzebug: His skill "APPEARANCE: Adds 5 AP to your reserve if you have another Vigilante in play." has become "APPEARANCE: Adds 3 AP to your reserve if you have another Vigilante in play."
  • Xelorium: Its cost has increased from 0 to 2 AP.





  • Visual feedback for Minions who have or who gain the Resistance skill has been added.