The Brotherhood of Oropo

The Brotherhood of the Forgotten is coming to Krosmaga with this brand new expansion! With no fewer than 90 cards, including 8 Infinites taken from the series Wakfu Season 3 and new cards for each god, your decks are going to get spruced up! These cards are available exclusively in the new "Brotherhood" packs of cards.

The Goddess Feca is Arriving

The tenth god to join Krosmaga, Feca is arriving with great fanfare! Use her Minions' Rallying to make them move forward together, or create dangerous combinations of glyphs on your battlefield. With her 35 new cards and unique gameplay, the goddess Feca will change your gaming habits in Krosmaga!

Resolution of Simultaneous Effects

Simultaneous damage and effects have been reworked so they can be resolved at the same time, without any interruptions from triggered effects. This resolution will be simpler, quicker, and more easily understandable for everyone!