Now Ecaflip, Enutrof and Sacrier have had their turn, it's time for the gods Iop and Xelor to get their cards rebalanced! The two divinities have been brought up to date, and you can take a fresh look at their class cards. Several Infinites and Krosmics have also been brought into play, so you can give your deck a makeover from top to bottom!

Vampyro Pack

In the run-up to Al Howin's Day, 12 new cards have just been added to Krosmaga! Amongst them, you'll find new members of the Chafer, Boowolf and Ghoul families, as well as updated versions of their old members. You will even be able to play the great, the magnificent, the one and only… Vampyro!

New Systems

Krosmaga will now come with event quests, which are to be completed within a set period of time to win exclusive gifts. Likewise, a new tournament interface will make things easier for participants in our official competitions!