• A Minion remains stunned after suffering damage of 0.
  • Targeted draws no longer inflict damage (tired) on the Dofus when the deck is empty (Yugo, Lard Devil, Jahash, etc.)
  • The Drhellzerkers' characteristics are now correctly displayed after being logged out.
  • Changes to a Minion's AT attributed by a condition (e.g. Grieving Executor) are correctly reapplied to this Minion when its AT is modified by another effect (e.g. Weakening) for as long as the condition remains applicable.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the playing of a card when an effect immediately returns it to the player's hand after having been stolen or exchanged (e.g. Shadow when your opponent's hand is empty).
  • Fixed a bug preventing spectators from seeing the Shield effect on the Dofus during a game.
  • Fixed a display bug preventing you from seeing that the opponent's deck was empty under certain conditions.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed some Enutrofs to activate their effect despite using the Drhellzerker ability.





  • Gewd Peek + Corrupted Drheller: The Drheller will inflict its damage on Gewd Peek.
  • Milk Bow Meow: Fixed the cost reduction effect of the other allied Bow Meows when changing team. Its effect now changes team at the same time as this Minion.
  • Davy Contest + Crook Die: The Crook Die effect is correctly accounted for by Davy Contest.
  • Spectral Duelist: Effect fixed so that it only takes the target's Health Points into account, not their Armor.
  • Ambushing Impaler: This Minion's effect will end correctly when it is reduced to silence.
  • Empathy: The order of execution of the effects on the card now matches the card text (shield, then heals).
  • Kriss Krass */**/***: If Kriss is on your team, your Gobbowl Balls are now always free, even if an enemy effect modifies the cost of cards in your hand (Joris***, for example).
  • Timekeeper: It now destroys a Dofus even if the latter is protected by a shield.
  • Grougaloragran **: He now correctly returns to his owner's hand when he drops to 3 Health Points or below without suffering (Sellor Noob, for example).
  • Nox ***: The cost of Minions is correctly updated when Nox changes teams ***.
  • Orbs: Orbs created by an Otomai's transformation into a Necro now correctly merge in their owner's hand.
  • Cheerful Peacemaker: Its effect only becomes active when an allied Minion is healed.
  • Fleeflee: Effects based on a creature belonging to a family entering the game now work with Fleeflee.
  • Cursed Rose: Fixed its effect, which wasn't activated when it suffered damage itself.
  • Rouflee: It will no longer take more than one damage, even when affected by Vulnerability.
  • Dogwood Soldier: Fixed effect of increased Seed damage when changing teams. Its effect now changes team at the same time as this Minion.
  • Tsu Tsu Mikaze: The Tsu Tsu Mikaze's effect is now also activated if he survives damage inflicted by a spell.
  • Paws off!: The card no longer works on Minions with the irremovable effect.
  • Eternal Heroine: The AP costs of your opponent's cards are now correctly updated after suffering a Psykosis Flask.
  • Rapid Fire: The Mortal Blow effects are now activated when an enemy Minion is killed with Rapid Fire.









  • Parched: Cost increased from 0 to 2 AP.
  • First Blood: Cost increased from 0 AP to 1 AP.




  • Rollback: Cost increased from 7 AP to 8 AP.




  • Necrotized Apostle: Skill modified “END OF TURN: Inflicts 2 damage on enemy Minions on your side." becomes "APPEARANCE: Inflicts 2 damage on enemy Minions on your side."




  • Dogwood Soldier: Skill modified "Your Seeds inflict 1 additional damage when a Minion walks over them." becomes "As long as it is in play, you Seeds inflict 2 damage to enemy Minions who walk over them."





  • Fixed a bug displaying a Dofus in the center of the screen when quitting while a Dofus is being destroyed.
  • Maintenance messages no longer stack up. Only the most recent countdown is still visible.
  • Fixed quest "Loyal Companions". Now, you correctly need to have 14 drhellers to complete this quest instead of 15.
  • Correction of the texts on the Elite Scout, Marking and Spectral Arachnee cards.
  • Modification of the help text for the "Stunned" skill.
  • Texts clarified on the Tsu Tsu Mikaze, Boo and Emperor Jellix cards.
  • Restandardization of trophy sizes.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the sound on the Necronomigore emote being played.
  • Fixed a bug on 2 of the Enutrof god's emotes: The sounds were inversed.
  • Fixed a big that was preventing the display of the sprite of some of the collection's Minions.