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  • Tears of Blood : effect changed from "Gives SHIELD and CHARGE to a Summons." to "Gives shield to a Summons. It charges of 1 cell."
  • Psykosis Flask : effect changed from "Take control of an enemy Summons with 2 AT or less, until the end of turn." to "Take control of an enemy Summons with 3 AT or less, until the end of turn." Cost increased from 1 to 2 AP.
  • Roll Again : effect changed from "Draw 2 cards OR this spell goes in the enemy deck." to "Draw 2 cards OR draw 1 card."
  • Shake : effect changed from "STUNS a Summons for 1 turn." to "STUNS a Summons for 1 turn. Draw a card."


  • Correction of a client-side issue that would always completely remove the range of a summons instead of reducing it.
  • Fixed a bug that would wrongly calculate the range of a summon when it was dropped to 0. Range can’t now be reduced below 1.
  • Summons that would move in answer to an attack won’t be able to fight back if they are not in range of their opponent after moving.