The game is now officially available on Android (minimum Android 4.2) and iOS (minimum iOS 8.1) smartphones and tablets, with an adapted interface: 
  • All of the buttons have been adapted to be usable on all mobile devices (tablets and smartphones).
  • The collection and deck creation interfaces have been completely revised.
  • The navigation screens have been changed for this version. The offering screen is accessible from the main menu, and the deck creation interface is accessible only from the start combat screens.
  • In combat, the management and display of cards in the hands, the display of AP, the end of turn button, the display of information regarding creatures on the field and spells played by the opponent, and the display of the gods have been revised.


  • Dungeon game mode added. Find all the information about this new mode here.
  • Addition of 12 cards from the Midgin family, unlockable in Dungeon mode.
  • Addition of 10 new quests linked to Dungeon mode.