• Draft game mode added. Find out more about the new mode by clicking here!
  • Draft mode is only available (for the moment) at certain times: Friday 4 pm (CET) to Monday 6 am (CET) weekly.
  • 10 new offering quests in Draft mode.


  • Seeds: The mechanic for seeds has been changed. Before, seeds grew in your hand if an allied Minion walked on them but were destroyed if it was an enemy Minion. From now on they will be destroyed by both but their effect becomes: “A Minion that walks on a Seed earns +1 AR if it is an ally or receives 1 damage if it is an enemy.”
  • Weakening: Effect changed from “Makes a Minion’s AT drop to 1” to become, “Banishes last card that went to your discard pile to make Minion’s AT drop to 1.”
  • Homing Arrow: Effect changed from “Inflicts 1 damage, if Minion destroyed, retrieve the spell” to become, “Inflicts 1 damage, if Minion is destroyed, retrieve the spell. Costs 1 AP more”. Cost reduced from 2 AP to 1 AP.
  • Adamai**: Effect changed from "APPEARANCE: Returns a Minion with 5 AT or less to its owner's hand” becomes, “APPEARANCE: Returns a Minion with 4 AT or less to its owner's hand”.