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A new god, over 150 brand new cards, and a major revelation (keep reading to find out more): the next expansion to Krosmaga is bringing out the big guns for summer.

KROSMAGA Patchnote 1.3.0 Updates - May 23, 2017

A new update has been added, with card balancing and improvement over several features. Find the entire change log right here! 

KROSMAGA Deep Shovel... Info - May 22, 2017

Not everything can come up smelling of roses, you know. However, the kama gives off a scent that is recognizable above all else to Enutrofs, who can smell them from kilokameters away. It's this unfailing nose for profit that urges them to dig deeper and deeper into the entrails of the earth. Sometimes, this even leads them to uncovering its best kept secrets...

The 3 qualifying tournaments are now complete. They gathered more than 750 players, resulting in more than 2000 matches… and numerous unexpected twists! Have a look back at these 3 e-sport week-ends that precedes a divine final tournament on Saturday May 13th and Sunday May 14th!

KROSMAGA Read Gamakna #1! Info - May 04, 2017

Check your smartphone, check your tablet, the first official issue of the magazine covering the Ankama universe has arrived!

The end of the season is coming, and the opening of your seasonal chest with it! You’re eager to open it, you’re almost trembling with excitation. To pass the time until then, we’re unveiling the pedestals for season 3 and 4!

3 week-ends of qualifications, 1 big finale gathering the best players, streams to see everything and a 3000€ cash prize to win at the end, that’s the #SpringKup in a nutshell! You want to feel big emotions? You’re going to get it!

KROSMAGA The Spring Kup Event - April 11, 2017

Were you thrilled by Krosmaga's first official tournament? Do you want to see a second tournament? Are you eager for wild matches and win big at the end? Then you'll love the Spring Kup! 
EDITED on April 14th: rules updated. 

You’d like to add Krosmaga to your (gigantic) library of games? It’s now available on Steam! Connect to the game through this platform and get the exclusive “Steamer” pedestal!

KROSMAGA New exclusive feature Info - April 01, 2017

We’ve barely completed our work on Draft mode but already, we’re bursting with ideas on what to do next! We can’t resist show you a small preview of what the next update will add to the game, a little surprise that seasoned players will surely love!

Draft mode is available for the weekend starting at 4 PM (CET) this Friday. Take the opportunity to show us you’re the best and win your entry ticket to the next official Krosmaga tournament!

KROSMAGA Patchnote 1.2 Updates - March 31, 2017

A new patch was deployed, with new content, tweaking and bug fixes. Find the complete list of these changes here! 

Many of you downloaded issue 0 of Gamakna, and shared your precious feedback with us. As such, we've fixed a few details, and found some new tools to optimize everything. Thank you! But there's no time to rest! Straight on to a special edition and issue 1. GO!

You’re a thrill seeker. You love a challenge and breaking your own limits. You want to enlarge your collection while trying out a new playing mode. If that all sounds like you, come and test the Draft mode now! Will you be the best “Drafter”?

After a whole month of brawling in Ranked mode, it’s delightful to find a treasure at the end of the road! We’re presenting you the rewards you will get once season 2 is concluded, including a little surprise called “trophies”!

The next patch is coming soon, and we will let you test the changes it brings before its official release. Here's a list of all the modifications we've added: you'll find there a healthy dose of Sadida, charge, and more Sadida! 

KROSMAGA Contest: #IplayKrosmaga Event - February 24, 2017

Now that you can bring Krosmaga anywhere… we’re curious to know where exactly! Enter the #IplayKrosmaga contest on Twitter and Facebook and win in-game prizes!


If you've always dreamed of being a god, having their powers, and having an army of creatures at your command, you'll love Krosmaga! You'll be able to play it anywhere, anytime, and even receive gifts.

Are you new to Krosmaga, and you'd like a few tips before starting to play? You're right: there's nothing like carefully getting ready before taking your first steps in the game!


KROSMAGA Patch Notes 1.0.0 Info - February 22, 2017

For the release of the game, a new patch was deployed, with new content, tweaking and bug fixes. Find the complete list of these changes here! 

No, you haven’t dreamed the previous sentence: the official and international release of Krosmaga is scheduled for next Wednesday, February 22nd! And since a good news never comes alone, you will be able to experience Krosmaga everywhere since it will also be available on mobile devices!

With a month and a half under its belt already, 2017 can seem a bit gloomy… Fortunately, Gamakna is here! It's the free magazine which reveals Ankama to you, behind the scenes. Read it on your PC, or download it on your tablet or smartphone!

Purses are closing, money changers are shutting down their offices… Ogrines will no longer be available as a payment option on Krosmaga at the end of the month. Let us explain why.

KROSMAGA End of season and rewards Info - February 09, 2017

Let’s count together, shall we? The open beta season, lasting two months, started on December 12th. By all accounts, the season should end on February 12th! Well, huh, not exactly… Let us explain.