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recent News

Your pets can now be transferred to Krosmaga. The wait to see what your animals will look like once sent to the gods' favorite card game is now over!

Due to a bug, players have been set to a lower rank than expected after the seasonal reset. We will offer a compensation to players active in ranked mode during season 6. 

KROSMAGA Season 6 Rewards Info - July 13, 2017

You only have one month to climb the ranks of the leaderboard. But it's worth it: discover the new trophies and platforms offered as a reward for the Season 6 ranked matches!

The wait is finally over! Find all the World of Twelve's pets in a 100% Ankama Tamagotchi: DOFUS Pets is out today on tablet and smartphone!

As announced in an earlier news item, the depths of the World of Twelve are finally ready to reveal their terrible secret today... Jump into the game to discover the all-new Necros and Paladirs extension, and get 3 gift packs!

Krosmaga's first expansion "Necros and Paladirs" comes in with its 150 new cards! Discover also all the changes added to the game in version 1.4! 

The long-awaited moment has arrived: Gamakna #2 is waiting for you on your tablet and smartphone. Always free, always full to bursting with news, the Ankama universes' magazine is an ideal summer read!

The « Necros and Paladirs » launch party at the Meltdown Bar closest to your home is drawing near. Here’s the program that awaits you on June 28th!

A new expansion means new abilities! In this devblog, we're going over everything from the all-powerful Necronomigore to inspiring new loot!

Whether you live in Toulouse, Brussels, London or Montréal; whether you have a deep knowledge Krosmaga’s metagame or just discovered the game, celebrate with us the release of Krosmaga’s first expansion on June 28th, at the closest Meltdown bar from you!

With 150 new cards and the entrance of the god Enutrof, the Necros & Paladirs expansion will truly put your skills to the test. To face up to this challenge, stack the cards in your favor with the pre-order pack: 50 Necro packs, as well as an exclusive platform and emote! It is available until June 27th.

Enjoy the cutest game ever spawned by the Krosmoz, and discover the pets of the World of Twelve in a whole new way: DOFUS Pets, the all-Ankama Tamagotchi-style game, is coming to Android and iOS on July 3rd!

Season 5 of ranked matches is underway, which means it's time to unveil the upcoming pedestal and trophies! And by popular request, the livestreaming duo Sephy and Nedab will be streaming on June 19th!

Has your nickname become a drag? Did you think it was funny when you chose it but now it seems ridiculous? Was it a reference to the love of your life… whom you now cordially despise? In short, you don't like your nickname. Good news: now you can change it!

Your favorite heros are in the new WAKFU Season 3 trailer. Evangeline, Percedal, Amalia, Yugo and Ruel find themselves in the heat of battle once again. They'll have to stay on their toes to keep from getting burned!

A new god, over 150 brand new cards, and a major revelation (keep reading to find out more): the next expansion to Krosmaga is bringing out the big guns for summer.

Well, it was going to happen one day! How would you react if a load of little men were constantly digging around in your entrails without your permission? It looks like the World of Twelve finally got fed up and took its revenge by liberating something... or someone...

KROSMAGA Patchnote 1.3.0 Updates - May 23, 2017

A new update has been added, with card balancing and improvement over several features. Find the entire change log right here! 

KROSMAGA Deep Shovel... Info - May 22, 2017

Not everything can come up smelling of roses, you know. However, the kama gives off a scent that is recognizable above all else to Enutrofs, who can smell them from kilokameters away. It's this unfailing nose for profit that urges them to dig deeper and deeper into the entrails of the earth. Sometimes, this even leads them to uncovering its best kept secrets...

The 3 qualifying tournaments are now complete. They gathered more than 750 players, resulting in more than 2000 matches… and numerous unexpected twists! Have a look back at these 3 e-sport week-ends that precedes a divine final tournament on Saturday May 13th and Sunday May 14th!

KROSMAGA Read Gamakna #1! Info - May 04, 2017

Check your smartphone, check your tablet, the first official issue of the magazine covering the Ankama universe has arrived!

The end of the season is coming, and the opening of your seasonal chest with it! You’re eager to open it, you’re almost trembling with excitation. To pass the time until then, we’re unveiling the pedestals for season 3 and 4!

3 week-ends of qualifications, 1 big finale gathering the best players, streams to see everything and a 3000€ cash prize to win at the end, that’s the #SpringKup in a nutshell! You want to feel big emotions? You’re going to get it!

KROSMAGA The Spring Kup Event - April 11, 2017

Were you thrilled by Krosmaga's first official tournament? Do you want to see a second tournament? Are you eager for wild matches and win big at the end? Then you'll love the Spring Kup! 
EDITED on April 14th: rules updated.