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The gods of the World of Twelve have their own priorities: They're usually more interested in handing out bruises than Kwismas cookies, but what they've got in store for you this time is better than sliced bread. Their special emissary for the season is the Kwismas Queen, and she's a real treat as well: get her for free in packs of 500 or more kamas until December 31!

KROSMAGA Season 11 Rewards Info - December 18, 2017

The end of the year is nearing, and the gifts under the tree are piling up. Krosmaga hasn't forgotten you, and this season's rewards are bringing the year to a close in style!

A lot of you have been battling your way up through the rankings this season in hopes of qualifying for the tournament. Now it's time to come check out the top 32 players who'll be collecting points in the KWS rankings!

This new expansion has it all: the first appearance of the goddess Feca, the Brotherhood of the Forgotten, and new cards for each class. To discover all 90 new cards, pick up the pre-order pack: 25 Brotherhood of Oropo packs, an exclusive platform, and two new phrases to use in-game! This pack is available until midnight (CET) on December 11.

The goddess Feca has arrived, and she's brought over 70 new cards to add to your collection. And with them come new mechanics. In this article, we're going to explain exactly how they work!

KROSMAGA Season 10 Rewards Community - November 19, 2017

Season 10 is probably the most intense season since Krosmaga's official release! In addition to qualifying for the end-of-season tournament, here's what you could win!

KROSMAGA Patch 1.7 now in Beta! Updates - November 15, 2017

It’s no longer a secret by now: Feca is coming to Krosmaga on December 12th! But it won’t be the only addition from that update… Try these new features in Beta right now!  

ANKAMA Gamakna #4 is here! Info - October 31, 2017

While Al Howin is in full swing, it's hard to say what's scariest… The sinister howl of a Boowolf? The creepy croak of a Crobak? The terrified cry of a Twelvian who's run into a Miss Ugly…? Or perhaps your gasp when you see the cover of the latest issue of Gamakna?! Check out the Table of Contents! Before it's too late… Mwaahahaha!

After warming up during the October Tournaments, it is time for us to officially unveil the Krosmaga World Series!

No, you're not dreaming: You've only just discovered the Vampyro pack, and we're already announcing that the next patch will get a playtest!

KROSMAGA Tournament Winners Event - October 25, 2017

The Krosmaga e-Sport Season Starts Off Strong! What Tournaments! After a highly competitive Krosmaga Open Tournament that allowed four semi-finalists to qualify directly for the Krosmaga Exclusive Tournament, the latter gave participants an opportunity to play for a cash prize of €10,000!

Patch 1.6 is composed of two major parts. First, there is the Halloween pack with its new cards and the reworking of the Chafer, Ghoul and Boowolf families. Then, there is the balancing of neutral, Iop and Xelor cards. The beta testing that we were able to organize and the extensive player feedback were very beneficial. Thank you very much!

KROSMAGA Season 9 Rewards Info - October 19, 2017

Season 9 marks the end of an era: The seasonal rankings will soon become even more important with the Krosmaga World Series (KWS)! 

A shadow has fallen over the World of Twelve. In the darkness, eyes glow red like lanterns. Do they belong to Boowolves? Or maybe Ghouls? Or could it be Chafers?! Good heavens! They will all be in the Vampyro pack!

So what is this mysterious tournament that is only accessible to the players qualified by the Krosmaga Open tournament? Find out all the details in this article: who's invited, the rules, the cash prize, and even more!

Come November, Krosmaga will be launching its e-sports circuit. And what better way to launch it than with an open tournament for you to train up and warm up? Get the scoop in this announcement!

KROSMAGA Patch 1.6 is in beta testing! Info - September 28, 2017

The latest Krosmaga patch is available starting today. This is your chance to share your thoughts about card balancing – we're counting on you to help us improve Krosmaga! (UPDATED on October 4th)

KROSMAGA Season 8 Rewards Info - September 21, 2017

Valiantly climbing the ladder testing what's new in patch 1.5? Here are the rewards to be won in season 8!

KROSMAGA Devblog: Balancing Updates - September 08, 2017

Whether veteran or Rank 2, you regularly write to us on the forums or social media about combos that are too powerful, cards that can't be countered, and which gods are currently OP. We've taken your feedback since Update 1.41 into account, and we're going to implement a major balancing patch on September 11th!

KROSMAGA 3v3 Tournament: The TriKros Event - September 07, 2017

Pumped up after this gorgeous summer? Ready for two weekends of team tournaments? Yep, you read that right: team tournaments!

ANKAMA Gamakna #3 is here! Info - August 31, 2017

Hey, why the long face? Bummed that summer's almost over? Well, we have just the thing to improve your mood: Gamakna #3 is finally here! Check out what's inside the magazine dealing with Ankama's different worlds!

When the Necronomigore was opened, the Necros poured forth into the World of Twelve, and the Paladirs rose up to fight them… But not all of them answered the call! Take part in this creative contest and receive a gift!

Coming back to your favorite game… but can't remember your login name? #So2016… Now you can recover your account name in just a few seconds!

KROSMAGA Season 7 rewards Info - August 24, 2017

Season 7 of ranked matches is coming to an end, so it's time to find out what rewards might turn up in your reward chest!