Patch 1.12 is bringing numerous changes that you were able to read about in the patch note. In order to explain our decisions clearly and be fully transparent, here's the Patch 1.12 Devblog!

Arriving on July 3, Patch 1.12 contains numerous modifications to important aspects of Krosmaga. Most of them are closely interlinked. All the same, we've separated the various subjects in order to make things clearer.

Removal of the Infinite Experience System


For a few months now, we have wanted to develop the Infinite XP system, which currently encourages players to optimize Infinite experience to the detriment of enjoying the game. Quite clearly, that wasn't the aim of the system. We've thought long and hard about it, and you've really helped us with your messages on the forums and social media. In the end, we came to the conclusion that we needed to remove it, pure and simple.

We spent a long time thinking about it because we didn't want to make any hasty decisions. The XP system had a major influence on several other aspects that would, understandably, be modified.

So, you'll now be able to acquire the ** and *** version Infinite cards in packs, even if you don't own the * version of the cards. The same goes for Krosfinite cards, which are becoming available in packs just like any other Krosmic card. What's more, all these cards can also be crafted unconditionally; therefore, you'll no longer need the * Infinite card to craft its **, ***, or Krosfinite versions.

With no development of Infinites, the offering system is obsolete. It has therefore been removed, leaving just the quests. Items that could be acquired in this way, such as Brotherhood of the Forgotten phrases, will become new quests in this tab.

We hope that by removing this system, you'll all have more fun playing Krosmaga and that you'll find the game more approachable.

Compensation Related to the Removal of Infinite Experience


Throughout the various updates, we've always compensated when implementing changes to the cards. So we'll also compensate you for these major changes. We haven't developed any particular interface for this patch, but you'll automatically receive your kamas in accordance with the following system: We'll refund experience accumulated beyond the last level that entitled you to a personalization item or card.

In more detail, if you had accumulated experience on an Infinite card without reaching the next threshold entitling you to an item or a card (generally levels 4, 7 and 9), we'll refund the experience you accumulated beyond the last level that gave you a card in kamas. Obviously, you'll keep all the cards you already unlocked and will receive the kamas in addition to them.

Here are a few examples:

  • You reached level 6 on your Kerub card, with 2,200 experience points accumulated. The last reward you received was at level 4 (900 XP) and your next reward was waiting for you at level 7 (Kerub ***). That makes 1,300 experience points that got you nothing in terms of cards. So, you'll receive 390 kamas (equivalent to 1,300 experience points), and you'll keep your * and ** Kerub cards. You'll have to acquire Kerub *** and Fleeflee by opening packs of cards or by crafting them.
  • You reached level 8 and have 4,900 experience points (out of 5,000) on your Kerub card. You got your last card at level 7 (equal to 2,800 experience points). So, you'll be refunded 630 kamas (2,100 experience points) and you'll keep Kerub *, Kerub **, and Kerub ***. You'll need to acquire Fleeflee in a pack of cards or craft the card.
  • You reached level 9 on your Kerub card. You get Fleeflee by reaching level 9. In that case, you've already acquired everything that was available; therefore, you won't be refunded any kamas, but you'll keep the four cards: Kerub *, Kerub **, Kerub ***, and Fleeflee.

Lower Crafting and Uncrafting Costs


We already adjusted these different rates downward in 2017. This time, the arrival of animated cards pushed us to change these rates. This is because we wanted to stay within reasonable figures so that everyone can craft the animated cards they want as they wish.

These rates are being changed for a second reason: game approachability. Krosmaga is a complex game, both in terms of matches and deck building. We wish to make the game as approachable as possible for new players, who will be able to create the cards of their choice more easily, and thus build their decks as quickly as possible.

Therefore, the rates are being lowered considerably to keep interesting ratios when crafting and uncrafting. Below, you'll find some tables detailing these changes. You'll also find animated card crafting and uncrafting rates.

Change in Pack Drop Rates


As you are aware, animated cards will appear in Patch 1.12, and you'll be able to get them in various ways: in end-of-season chests, randomly in packs, or simply by crafting them. Therefore, we've added these "new" cards in packs at a set rate so you can complete your collection rather quickly.

In addition, as mentioned above, ** and *** Infinite cards, as well as Krosmic cards previously linked to Infinites, are now present in the various packs. This adds a great many new cards to collect from packs.

So, we were led to change the various drop rates in order to maintain a certain balance. We also took the opportunity to adjust the number of fragments in each pack so that no pack is more beneficial than another! Several factors were taken into account to finalize this new state: Drop rates for the various rarities have been changed, particularly taking into account their new crafting/uncrafting value; and the price of the Silver Pack has been increased, since it was too low compared to what it could contain. It now costs 150 kamas instead of 120 kamas.

And finally, you come out somewhat ahead of the game, but we'll let you verify that for yourselves, as you've been doing so well ever since the game was launched!

Change in End-of-Season Rewards


You've figured it out: Season 18's rewards will be different from those of the previous seasons! Platforms and trophies, formerly awarded in end-of-season chests, are making way for animated cards. Therefore, you'll automatically receive animated cards at the end of each season! We've also increased the kama rewards you earn at each rank.

Below, you'll find the table of rewards by rank:

That's all for this patch! Of course, you'll find all Patch 1.12's changes in the patch note.