Although Dopples aren't (yet) represented in Krosmaga, they can still have a special place in your games thanks to this platform!

You seem to like the purple color of the platforms, so we're keeping up our momentum with the June platform! The Signs of the Doziak are still our source of inspiration, and this month, Dopples are the shining stars. Don't be fooled by their pointy teeth and their nascent horns: They're still very good allies, and this platform will bring you good luck in your games (in 50% of them, anyway*)!

And if you have the talent needed to get one of this season's trophies, your luck could get even better!*

All players who reach rank 6
or higher (and who have played at least one match in ranked mode this season) will receive this platform, and players who reach Veteran rank will also receive a trophy based on their final ranking. Season 17 will automatically end at 1 a.m. (CEST) on Sunday, July 1. And season 18 will start immediately after that!

Good luck to all, and enjoy the rush!

* Actual luck may differ from that described. For complaints, please contact the god Ecaflip himself.