Winner of the first tournament organized by Ankama, the Frozen Arena, Flaxeau, aka Jambonfromagequiroule, is on the game's most emblematic players who will be aiming for the title in July at the final tournament!

Flaxeau is a member of the recently formed team, Konix. He has already participated in many other Krosmaga tournaments and has the experience to rise above the pressure at these events. He proved it last weekend at OPEN Tournament #3, which he won handily, defeating his compatriot, BlouFire. Watch the replay here.

We had the chance to ask him a few questions after his victory. What follows is the full interview.

Ankama: You've won your first OPEN tournament and yet it came as quite a surprise. How does it feel to get back to winning ways?

Flaxeau: I'm really happy I won this OPEN, especially since these tournaments are rather long and require you to know about all the cards because you never really know what you're going to come up against.

I did a lot of practice beforehand with a group of players made up of Clinchosaure, Aski-ing, Adenlich, Crystauw, Artanys and Wartrog, who are the people who make the biggest effort to up their game in my opinion. I think the work in a small group helped a lot because this is the first time I've come out on top at one of these KWS!

Ankama: Which gods did you choose for this tournament and why?

Flaxeau: Xelor, Eniripsa, Sram and Sadida. Xelor because it's the most versatile class, in my opinion. There really isn't a god he can't win against. Sram because it's the best class to play for me. It's a control class with combos that can kill Dofus in 1 turn. It makes for an interesting, original gameplay compared to other classes. Plus, with Vampyro, the possibilities are so infinite that no one can really master all of the deck's potential: the 1 min. and 15 seconds for each turn are torture for the brain! I chose Eniripsa because I needed a fourth deck and I didn't have any idea at all what to play. Oplee gave me this deck before the tournament. The Open was the first time I used it, and I think it worked out pretty well (laughs). Sadida because I find this deck really amusing to play with and it has numerous forces. So, I couldn't leave it out. It's kind of my "signature" to play with quirky, original decks.

Ankama: Exactly, your Sadida deck is a bit peculiar. Why do you think it's a strong deck? What are its weaknesses?

Flaxeau: The Sadida deck is an old deck I played with on the Beta that got me to the TGS final last year. It was recently put to use again by JACKDOU. We saw a lot of potential in this deck with Gnou. We fine tuned it for this OPEN, and it worked out really well. So, I'm really proud of the deck we put together. It's very strong because you can draw from the deck a lot with the classic Sadida cards, which allows you to make explosive sorties now and again, as we saw against BlouFire in the final. The "Seeden Impulse" combined with "Wild Wild Whispers" or "Sylvan Power" allows you to neutralize any advantage your opponent might have and finish the match off rather quickly.

The deck does have some weaknesses, however, such as the cards that allow all the ground to be killed. Duelist in Sram, Glyph of Death in Feca and the silences like Phaerys 3. The deck's other disadvantage, and not the worst of them, is that without seeds, a lot of cards are useless. Nevertheless, the negligible weaknesses make it a very good tournament deck!

Ankama: What god were you especially worried about facing? What god did you make a priority to banish in the tournament?

Flaxeau: I especially didn't want to face Feca or Sram because, as I said before, these two classes are very strong against Sadida and also against Eniripsa. So, I made banishing Feca a priority because he's easier to control than Sram, who's more consistent and harder to defeat.

Ankama: You were in the most complicated bracket of the tournament. Who did you have the most trouble with?

Flaxeau: Winning my bracket wasn't easy. I made a lot of errors that went unpunished in the semi-final against Show. I got really lucky there. But the most complicated match was against Clinchosaure. I had very good sorties all along. I made very few errors, but there were some matches where many times I had to take 4 Dofus. They were pretty tight even if the score didn't reflect it.

Ankama: You're assured a place in the final tournament. Who do you think will finish on the podium?

Flaxeau: Naturally, I hope to finish on the podium! But I think that if they don't meet in the bracket, Oplee, Pegi-18 or even WaRtRoG are consistent and skilled enough to win the BO7 in the final tournament.

Ankama: Anything to say to your fans?

Flaxeau: Follow me on Twitter! And thank you to everyone who's supported me. I hope you've enjoyed the show in this final! If there are any girls in the area, my number is 0629... Don't hesitate at all if you want to talk!


A big thanks to Flaxeau for his answers and explanations about his decks. We hope you've learned a little more about Krosmaga and his very peculiar Sadida deck! See you this weekend at the May end-of-season tournament where Flaxeau will be aiming for a second consecutive victory!