This end-of-season tournament for June is the last chance for the 32 qualified players to score points! The pressure's never been higher to qualify for the KWS final tournament!


If you've been following the Krosmaga World Series since last October, you're bound to have marked July 21 in your calendar as the end of the first season of the KWS. And you'll notice it's already June! In short… the final approaches!

And if you'd like to watch the final event live from the Ankama offices, you can still save your place for free on weezevent! But hurry, because space is limited!

I want to be there

Participants faced off all throughout May, which was swamped, to qualify for the end-of-season tournament and, in the process, earn a few points to potentially qualify. This weekend is your last chance to win points toward the KWS leaderboard in order to be one of the 30 players who will qualify for the final tournament.

The 32 participants and the tournament bracket:

As has been the case since November, there is €3,000 in cash, as well as points toward the KWS rankings, up for grabs in a tournament bringing together the best of the best from the seasonal leaderboard!

You can watch the tournament live on Saturday, June 9 starting at 2 p.m. CEST, in French on the official channel AnkamaLive, or in English on the channel theGarbGarb! Don't be shy! Let us know in the comments which match or matches you'd most like to see. To follow the tournament live as it develops, you can visit the Toornament page for the event.