If April showers bring May flowers, what does May bring? Rewards! If you're playing in Ranked mode, that is.

Our series of platforms and trophies inspired by the Doziak continues, and the month of May is under the protection of the Minotoror! Its massive and celestial head will send a clear and effective message to your opponent: Mess with the bull and you might get the horns! If you prefer (slightly) subtler messages, you can also sport one of the trophies in the Minotoror's personal collection.

All players who reach rank 6 or higher (and who have played at least one match in ranked mode this season) will receive this platform, and players who reach Veteran rank will also receive a trophy depending on their final ranking. Season 16 will automatically end at 1 a.m. (CET) on Friday, June 1. And season 17 will start immediately after that!

Good luck to all, and enjoy the rush!