In the next Krosmaga patch, we've decided to modify several cards to bring them up to date. And we're letting you know in advance so you can start thinking about your future decks now!

As we do in every patch, we're continuing our efforts to improve the balance in Krosmaga and make every god attractive and interesting to play. For patch 1.11, which will be out in mid-May, we've decided to tackle certain Eniripsa, Sram, and Neutral Krosmic cards.

Because we know you like to know about changes in advance, we're sharing the planned modifications now! That should give you plenty of time to theorycraft your decks! And with no further delay, here goes!

(English text on these cards are a temporary translation and may be subject to changes before release.)

Asprogik Fousand

You've been clamoring for it, and it's time to nerf Asprogik Fousand! There's no denying that this is one of the major cards in Eniripsa decks, as it combines an effective summons and a devastating control effect. We had already corrected a few Eniripsa cards in patch 1.10, and now it's Asprogik's turn to go back to more reasonable power.



The god Sram has many tools available, but we rarely see players using trap cards. In order to bolster this archetype and improve Sram's effectiveness in general, we've modified several cards to make him more interesting. We will of course keep a very close eye on the tactics Sram develops based on these changes.


In addition to the class changes, we've also decided to dust off some of the Krosmic cards that seemed too weak compared to other cards. We hope to provide players with new alternatives for their limited Krosmic slots in their decks.

Don't hesitate to let us know what you think of these changes. You'll find these changes in the game with patch 1.11, which will be out in mid-May. Until then, have fun with Krosmaga!