The end-of-season tournament brought together the top 32 players in the seasonal leaderboard. Against all odds, Franck-Fort took the crown, while KWS favorite Oplee was eliminated in the first round!

Franck-Fort has been playing for the team orKs since the end of the tournament, but he was solo for quite a while, making him the first player without a team to win a KWS tournament. Although Mihomme-Michel forfeited the game in the final, Franck-Fort's performance in the tournament was still outstanding! If you missed the tournament, you can watch a replay here.

Ankama: No one predicted you would win this tournament. How did it feel to win?

Franck-Fort: I'm of course very happy to win a tournament this big after trying several times! It motivates me to train even harder for tournaments that may be coming up!

Ankama: Which gods did you choose for this tournament and why?

Franck-Fort: For this tournament, I chose Eniripsa, Sram, Cra, and Xelor.

The obvious one was the Boowolf Eniripsa, because I think it's a stable deck with not many weak points, though I haven't played it much. I only played Sram in ranked matches this season, and I felt very comfortable doing that, so playing him was logical. I played Cra since I played that goddess quite a bit in seasons 10 and 11, and I think she's pretty strong despite the big presence of Attractive Bow Meows.

I was really unsure about the fourth deck. I've played Feca a lot in tournaments, but after Crashing Wave was nerfed and I was unsuccessful with it in a number of ranked matches, I gave Xelor a shot. I ended up choosing him because the few games I used him in were promising.

Ankama: What god were you especially worried about confronting? What god did you banish most in the tournament?

Franck-Fort: In this tournament, I banished Eniripsa every match because, like I said before, I don't see many weaknesses with that god. I would even say that god has the best exits.

Ankama: The god Sram wasn't picked very much in this tournament. Why did you choose him?

Franck-Fort: I picked the god Sram because I only played this deck in ranked matches this season. What I like with this god is that every game is different! When playing Sram, you really have a lot of possibilities for varied gameplay, especially thanks to Second Winds.

Ankama: You had a difficult tree: Selenito, Wysim, ASK-ing, and then Miouw. Who did you have the most trouble with?

Franck-Fort: ASK-ing, without a doubt! I don't think I could ever start a match that badly against anyone else, and he would probably agree with me.  He was leading 2-0 and then had perfect control of the third match, but made a crucial error that cost him the victory.

Ankama: This is your first time winning a major tournament. Should people see you as a real contender for the KWS final?

Franck-Fort: I'm certainly very motivated to win the final! But in the KWS, what matters is taking part!

Ankama: Got anything to say to your fans?

Franck-Fort: Thanks to everyone who supported me, and I hope to be at the next KWS tournament!

Thanks to Franck-Fort for answering our questions! See you May 5-6 for the end-of-season tournament!