The April season is already underway, so it's time to unveil the rewards you can get this month!

Since last month (as they will be in the year ahead), monthly rewards have been inspired by the signs of the Doziak. As you've probably guessed, the Gobball family is being honored this April, and they're clearly not messing around! The trophy is an obvious reference to the famous Gobball Hammer, a weapon of choice in Dofus and Wakfu. Lovers of all things wooly are in luck!

All players who reach rank 6 or higher (and who have played at least one match in ranked mode this season) will receive this platform, and players who reach Veteran rank will also receive a trophy depending on their final ranking. Season 15 will automatically end at 1 a.m. (CET) on Monday, May 1. You can then jump straight into Season 16!

Good luck to all. Enjoy the rush!