In a varied meta full of established decks, many classes are facing off in the March ranked season leaderboard. Time to see which players will stay in the game!

Sadida is still mourning his lost supremacy since Dolly Sacrifice was rightly nerfed at the start of the season. The metagame has naturally felt the effects, giving many decks another chance to shine. Which decks, you ask? Find out this weekend by watching the March End-of-Season Tournament and the 32 players who've dominated this season of ranked matches.

Speaking of players, here are the ones that did an amazing job qualifying for this tournament:

As a reminder, the 32 participants will be playing not only for the cash prize of €3,000, but also to collect points that count toward their ranking in the KWS. You'll find all the details on the Krosmaga eSport circuit here.

You can watch the tournament live on Saturday, April 7 starting at 2 p.m. CEST, in French on the official channel Ankama Live and in English on the channel thegarbgarb! Feel free to tell us in the comments which match or matches you'd most like to see. To follow the tournament live as it develops, go to the Toornament page for this event by clicking on the button below.

Watch the tournament