With the next update, Krosmaga will have you playing on your telephone! Add a new dimension to your game by using movement to reinforce your tactics. The game will never be the same again: discover Krosmaga Shake It!©

Since its creation, Krosmaga has been a game you can enjoy on your computer as much as on your favorite mobile device. Aside from a few cosmetic differences, they both function exactly the same. But now we're about to shake that all up! Our next update will add a new feature exclusively for mobile devices of such magnitude that only capital letters do it enough honor:


Krosmaga Shake It!© is a new feature that adds to your game experience. The accelerometers in your mobile devices can measure sudden repeated changes in your mobile device's position and translate them directly into the game. Simply put: shake your phone, and things will happen in the game! That's what we call a shake.

We plan to implement two different shakes:

  • A horizontal shake: by shaking your mobile device from left to right, you produce a cosmetic effect that you and your opponent will be able to see. A shower of meteors, fish or glitter, there'll be plenty to fill you opponent's eyes with! A variety of effects will be available: you'll be able to unlock them in the game or obtain them in our shop.
  • A forward-backward shake: by shaking your mobile device forward and backward, you'll produce an effect on the field. This effect will depend on the god you're playing at the moment, and each god will have a different effect. For example, the goddess Cra will inflict 1 damage on all minions in enemy territory, while Ecaflip will make two Black Bow Meows appear in his open minion cells. This effect will not require any AP, but it can only be used during your turn for technical reasons.

You saw that right: Krosmaga Shake It!© will change how you play and make your opponents quake to the sound of the tremors of your favorite mobile device!* Strategy, wits, but also reflexes and tenacity: these are the qualities you'll need to use Krosmaga Shake It!© to your advantage.

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"But what about the PC/Mac/Steam versions?" you're probably asking in a somewhat whiny voice.

For technical reasons, it's obviously impossible for us to ask you to shake your computer in the same way as a telephone! Krosmaga Shake It!© will thus not be available on computers. However, to avoid foolishly dividing our community into two camps, it will always be possible to face mobile players from your PC. We think this offers a certain added value to mobile device users.

"But that's completely unfair, I want the same thing, blabla e-sport, blabla disadvantage, blabla eni nerf!" you're probably yelling 'til you're blue in the face.

Haha! Don't worry, friends, we've thought of everything! We've deliberately made impossible to abuse Krosmaga Shake It!© Indeed, each time you use the forward-backward shake, the number of tremors to be produced in a few seconds increases. The more you use this divine effect, the harder and faster you have to shake your telephone to activate it again!*

Since Krosmaga Shake It!© will be considered legal for the Krosmaga World Series, players will have to prove their endurance and efficiency to last the whole tournament without straining a muscle!   Always at the forefront of progress, Krosmaga is putting the "sport" in e-sport!

Krosmaga Shake It!© will be soon be available in update 1.11. You still have time to go pump some iron before it arrives, so use the time to really get buff!


*Ankama Games assumes no liability for damages to your devices during the use of Krosmaga Shake It!© or any eventual injury suffered as a result of such use. Do not use Krosmaga Shake It!© around children or pregnant women.