Oplee pulled off a triple by winning the February End-of-Season Tournament. Congratulations, Oplee! However, for more variety, we interviewed Artanys this time. He put in a fine performance during the final and used original decks.

Artanys plays for team D2DR and regularly appears at the top of the leaderboard. He notably finished first in season 7. He took 2nd place in the tournament, but showed that he could perform at tournament level when he wants to! If you missed the tournament, you can watch a replay here.

Ankama: You made it to a final for the first time. How do you feel after winning second place?

Artanys: I'm quite happy with the result, especially because I wasn't very confident at first because of a rather tricky bracket, with Odin in the round of 64 and potentially Gnou in the round of 16. It wasn't easy.

Ankama: Which gods did you choose for this tournament and why?

Artanys: For this tournament, I chose to start with a line-up of my favorite gods: Sadida, Sram, Feca and Xelor. I don't think this is the most optimal line-up, but they are still strong gods, and I think you play better with gods you enjoy.

Ankama: Why did you not play Eniripsa, who is currently considered the most stable god?

Artanys: Although I didn't pick her, I still think she's the strongest god at the moment thanks to her versatility and stability. I chose not to play her because, for me, her gameplay lacks explosiveness. In other words, the rounds are quite predictable, unlike a Sram, which can capture a Dofus after starting the round with an empty battlefield.

Ankama: Your Sadida Bush surprised the community, why did you choose it over an OTK or an aggro? What makes it so strong?

Artanys: For the Sadida, I chose the Bush basically through a process of elimination: Aggro is not really my play style, and as for OTK, I don't really like having a deck that relies on a single condition for victory based on a single card. All it takes is for the card to be in the last 10-15 cards and the game is almost lost, which I think is a bit frustrating.

Once I'd dismissed these two archetypes, the Bush was the only really viable option left. Plus, its gameplay is quite similar to Xelor teleportation and Sram gameplay, which are based on gathering information so you can then try to capture two real Dofus. This type of deck is quite strong against control decks, like Feca or Sadida OTK, because I can outpace them.

Unfortunately, the OTK came a bit too early in the final, but in my tests, the Sadida Bush had mostly been coming out on top.

Ankama: In the semi-final, you competed against Jambonfromage, who is normally your teammate. Did that influence how you played?

Artanys: Yes, that obviously influenced the way I played! Mainly because I knew Jambonfromage's Cra, which I played in the last KWS, and which based on Protoflex, Fleeflee, and Green Larvae. I tried to play around the Green Larvae as much as possible, and that made all the difference.

Ankama: Can we expect to see you again at this level?

Artanys: I hope so! The Open is soon and I'm counting on finishing higher than 32nd this time!

Ankama: Have you got anything to say to your fans?

Artanys: I want to thank Ecureil-qui-rit who believed in my Sadi Bush and who backed me to win in the final. Sorry to have disappointed you; I'll do better next time! And let's not forget Chibra who has helped me throughout my progress.

Thank you Artanys for answering our questions! We hope to see his original deck lists again at the next OPEN! You can now register for OPEN #2 and try to win a slice of the €3,000 pie or the many other prizes up for grabs!

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