Nearly 500 of you took part in the OPEN Tournament #1, which was won by OctuplePioute. How many of you will return for the second installment, and who will take home the €1,500 prize?

The OPEN tournaments are open to everyone, and there is no limit on the number of participants. They are designed to give you a tournament experience while making things sweet with a jackpot as well! This is an opportunity to test out your decks during high-stakes games, meet other players, complete your collection, and maybe leave with a share of the €3,000 prize pool!

To take part, you need to get 4 decks ready (although you'll only need 3 for the first phase), sign up for the tournament using the button below, and be available on the weekend of March 17/18!

The format is simple: All participants will be assigned randomly to one of 64 groups, and one player from each group will qualify to move on to the next phase of the tournament (the playoffs). The matches in the group phase will be BO3; and then during the playoffs, matches will be BO5.

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Participating in this tournament could win you points for the KWS rankings, €3,000, and many other prizes! A complete explanation and the tournament regulations can be found here. Feel free to ask questions about how the tournament works in comments or by going to the Discord tournament dedicated server.

You can cheer on your favorites on social media with the hashtag #KWS, and follow @krosmaga on Twitter, where we'll also be sharing updates on the tournament. Good luck to all the participants!