After winning the end-of-season tournament in December, Oplee has once again taken his game to a new level to beat his team mate Show and win the 4th KWS tournament!

We know him well by now but he agreed to answer a few questions following his win. And if you missed the tournament, you can watch a replay here.

Ankama: After the end-of-season tournament in December, you pulled off a double win with this tournament. What is it like to be seen as the best Krosmaga player out there?

Oplee: It's great to hear that but I don't think you can really come up with a representative ranking of everybody's level with one play of the cards.

Ankama: Which gods did you choose for this tournament and why?

Oplee: For this tournament, I chose a mid-range Eniripsa because it was already a really good deck with the update and it has probably become the best deck now because it hasn't been nerfed since. I went with Cra for the same reasons. He was already pretty strong last season and the nerfs they did to him didn't make that much of an impact.

Once again I picked Feca because he worked very well in the last KWS tournaments and he's been buffed since, so it made sense for me to pick him.

When it came to the last deck, I was torn between Sram and Xelor but I wasn't able to make a stable Sram decklist so I went with the "Xelor rollback" deck that I had tested while laddering and which worked very well, thanks to the slowing of the metagame.

Ankama: Your Xelor rollback deck got you out of some tight situations. Don't you think it's a little risky to rely only on this victory condition?

Oplee: Generally speaking, it is indeed far too risky to bring back a deck based on a single win condition but for this Ghoul rollback deck it's a bit different because you draw a lot and it's really very rare that you don't draw the rollback either through the Golden Egg Piwi, Maskemane or Sarcophagus.

Ankama: In the final, you went up against Show, who had the same lineup as you. Did you create your decks together?

Oplee: Our Cra and Xelor decks were the same or almost the same (perhaps with one or two cards that were different), we came up with the Xelor rollback together ages ago, when Ghouls came out, but Feca and Eniripsa weren't something I'd done with Show specifically, but more decklists that were created as a team with all the team members.

Ankama: Your "WaRtRog, no prob" tag line seems to have hit the mark. Are there any players you're worried about at the moment?

Oplee: Haha, that was obviously me joking around but there's lots of players that scare me and WaRtRog's one of them. I've trained a lot with Gnou and BraveOdin so I've had a chance to see that they're really good, but there's a lot of others as well like Flaxeau, PEGI-18 and OctuplePioute to name but a few.

Ankama: We're really glad to see you win again, but there's one question we just have to ask. Are you going to be making this interview a weekly thing?

Oplee: Of course, if my luck holds then I will happily come back for more interviews!

Ankama: Have you got anything to say to your fans?

Oplee: Thanks for believing in me and I'll try to stay on top of my game to win you kamas!