This season marks the end of a cycle… It's the last time the seasonal rewards will be inspired by one of the Protectors of the Months! Check them out below!

It's with a little emotion that we present the rewards for ranked matches this month… With this platform and these trophies, we'll be completing a cycle started a year ago in which each reward is inspired by one of the 12 Protectors of the Months of the Krosmoz. But we can't get too sentimental over the fast-approaching anniversary, because these trophies must be earned!

This season's platform and trophies are inspired by Silvosse, master of cuttings. So drive out the winter cold with a platform adorned with some hearty plantlife! Whether snow fans like it or not, Silvosse intends to assert his dominance!

Next month we'll be launching a brand-new series of platforms and trophies inspired by the signs of the Doziak. You can still add to your collection!

All players who reach rank 6 or higher (and who have played at least one match in ranked mode this season) will receive this platform, and players who reach Veteran rank will also receive a trophy depending on their final ranking. Season 13 will end automatically at 1 a.m. CET on Thursday, March 1. You can then jump straight into season 14!

Good luck to all. Enjoy the rush!