You might have seen it live on the official Krosmaga Twitch channel: OctuplePioute overcame ASK-ing in the final and won the first KWS Open. We had the chance to interview this up-and-coming young player after his win.

This interview was done right after his victory over his teammate ASK-ing in the finals. The full replays from the tournament are available here if you'd like to watch the first open tournament (again)!

Nedab: You've just won the first KWS Open tournament against your teammate, ASK-ing! How do you feel after this victory?

OctuplePioute: I'm really happy! I didn't think I'd get this far, and I really thought I'd lose in the final against ASK-ing, since Xelor supposedly counters my Cra deck. I really thought victory was going to slip through my fingers. It was really tense during the whole final, and I had to try six different things with AP to be certain of winning the fifth match!

Nedab: Which gods did you choose for this tournament and why?

OctuplePioute: I chose to play Sram, Cra, Xelor, and Eniripsa for this tournament because for me, that was the most flexible line-up in the metagame.

Nedab: Your Sram deck worked really well in the tournament, yet this god remains fairly unpopular. Why do you think that is? What makes the Sram deck so strong?

OctuplePioute: Sram is difficult to play; I don't recommend it for beginners! You have to take into account the discard pile in addition to the cards you might draw. There are turns where you really have to think, and with the animations, you don't necessarily have the time to do everything. But when you've played this god a lot, you start to have certain automatic reflexes, so you think faster, which lets you play some really great rounds!

I think I've created a very strong and versatile deck list, and which can beat many competitive decks. But what makes it so strong is the number of matches I've played with it. I've really played it quite a lot this season, and that really helped me during the tournament.

Nedab: You didn't play Feca, whereas it was a favorite during the tournament. Why?

OctuplePioute: Quite simply because I've never played Feca! Mechanics don't particularly interest me, but I understand that the deck gets played a lot in tournaments, since Fecas that set up rallying-based games with glyphs are very strong and almost impossible to manage toward the end of the game.

Nedab: You're part of the GDN team, which put three players on the podium. How is your team organized, and how do you train?

OctuplePioute: We have a Discord server where everyone posts their deck lists and we discuss them. We train in BO5 matches that we record and then post on YouTube (unlisted, so don't go looking for them!). Then, we analyze certain matches together so we can see our mistakes.

Nedab: This was your first big performance in a tournament. Should we get used to seeing you at this level?

OctuplePioute: Of course, haha! I'll be there in two weeks for the end-of-season tournament!

Nedab: Thanks again for your responses. Do you have any parting words for your fans?

OctuplePioute: I've got fans? :O

Thank you very much, OctuplePioute, for your responses and, once more, well done on your performance. We hope to see him again at this level in the next tournament!

We'll see you starting at 2 p.m. (CET) on Saturday at for January's end-of-season tournament, which promises to be spectacular! And then again in March for the Second OPEN.