2018 kicks off with a bang and a contest! Do you consider yourself a bit of a gaming expert and pride yourself on your knowledge? Time to put yourself to the test!

Whether you are a veteran or have just discovered Krosmaga, this contest is for you! Your challenge is to answer our questions correctly. You will sometimes need to do some research to answer the questions, but we can guarantee that all the answers can be found in the game. Don't give away any spoilers in the comments because this will decrease your chance of winning the top prize!

Well, are you up for the challenge? Read on to learn more: 


  • Answer the 5 quiz questions correctly to be included in the prize draw. Important: just one error will disqualify you!
  • You can only enter the contest once.
  • Provide your correct username at the end of the quiz.
  • You have until 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, January 30 to enter. Any answer received after this date will not count.



The "In the Fray" Pack has just appeared in the Shop and we will be giving it away to 3 lucky winners who have correctly answered the questions and whose names are pulled out of a hat. A great way to quickly and easily complete your collection!

Take the test!

It's incredibly easy to enter: Just click the button below and answer the quiz questions correctly! Good luck, everyone!