The December end-of-season tournament was full of spectacular matches and, in the end, Ex-Oplee took home a brilliant win. He's won his second major tournament, after the ESWC! Here's an interview with the young Krosmaga prodigy for you!

This interview was done right after his victory over Ex-FreeArt in the finals. Full action replays of the tournament can be found here and here  if you'd like to watch them (again).

Nedab: You've just won the December end-of-season tournament. Bravo! What does it feel like to win another major tournament after your win at the ESWC?

Oplee: Obviously, I'm very happy to have won a huge tournament like this one, especially since it's a real confidence boost for the next tournaments, particularly in a game where there's RNG. I trained a lot for this tournament, so I'm now motivated to do the same for the next tournaments in the Krosmaga World Series!

Nedab: What gods did you choose for this tournament and why?

Oplee: My line-up consisted of Cra, Eniripsa, Sacrier, and Feca, with plans to ban my opponent's Sacrier deck.

  • I picked Sacrier because it's quite simply the best god in the current meta.
  • I picked the Boowolf Eniripsa because it's a very stable deck that works very well in a ladder and is very versatile. I added Ush *** to toss a few surprises into this deck, because it's only flaw is that it's too predictable and somewhat slow.
  • I chose Cra because he's become extremely strong with the addition of the new cards, Quiver, Emma Zone, and Bill Zye. I also decided to put in 3 Bill Zye and no Cra Ghosts because, with his 4 HP, he survives Incision (unlike Ghosts) and I was expecting to encounter a lot of Eniripsa decks.
  • Finally, I hesitated a lot when choosing the 4th deck. I tested Ecaflip, Xelor, Iop, and Feca. In the end, I realized that these decks were all very unstable but I picked a Feca deck because he has the ability go against Eniripsa, Xelor, and all the strong decks in the middle and end of the game overall.

More generally, I include a lot of strong cards against Cra in all my decks, such as Phaerys ** and Toxine ***!

Nedab: Your Feca deck was really impressive in your semi-final and the final. What made it so strong, given all the Feca criticism floating around these days?

Oplee: Feca's purpose is to control the early game with cards like Dieter Gent, Reinforced Protection, and many minions that don't cost a lot of AP. Then you need to play the New Waves to lower the AP cost of the entire deck, and finally place your Glyphs. Maskemane *** and Golden Egg Piwi are there to draw a lot of cards to end the game with Fecas that have been boosted by Glyphs, Goultard ***, and Backlash.

The deck's strength most certainly comes from the card New Wave, which brings all the Feca cards down to 1 AP – which is why I don't play any neutral cards other than the 5 Infinites and Golden Egg Piwi.

Because of how powerful Feca is at the end of the match, you can let yourself play almost exclusively territory management Infinites: Phaerys ***, Toxine ***, and Alibert **.

Nedab: You're part of the Exceed team, which placed three players in the last quarter. How is your team organized, and how do you train?

Oplee: For this tournament, BraveOdin, Gnou and I picked our lineup together, did a lot of challenge tests to choose our fourth deck, shared our decks, and improved them together, notably sharing our opinions on the meta.

We also played a lot of BO5 matches in tournament conditions with all the players on the team, to train individually, better master our lineup, and test it against other lineups that were different from what we expected to see.

Finally, we shared all our deck lists before the tournament, so that if some of us hesitated about our decks, they could get inspiration from what the others were doing, and so that we would be on even footing if we ended up playing against each other.

Nedab: We know you're very busy with your studies. Do you plan on continuing to play tournaments all the same, or is your performance linked to vacation?

Oplee: It's clear that I had a lot more time to train for this tournament, build my decks, and get to a good spot in the rankings because of vacation, but I still plan to keep playing the rest of the time (only on weekends) to qualify for the KWS and train a bit.

Thank you, Oplee, for answering our questions. And congratulations once again on your victory! We wish you good luck for this season, and hope to see you again in the OPEN tournament!

By the way, you can all sign up for the OPEN Tournament by clicking on the link below.