In kawaii but dangerous medieval Japan, hordes of skeletons are rising and persistently advancing on a small, quiet village. Who will be crazy enough to stand in their way and make them bite the dust? The ninjas, of course! Become one, unlock others, and save the world right now on your mobile device!

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It's never a good sign when the dead walk the earth. This terrible curse, due to reading an old, stolen scroll, may lead the world to destruction… But that's forgetting a handful of fighters who are masters in the art of ninjutsu!

For the thousands of bags of bones descending upon the world, it might just be a cold shower when they get dashed!

Stealthy, fiery, and – most of all – ready to fight, the ninjas will be able to put all their survival techniques to work, starting with sliding and hitting as fast as they can. Keen on cleaning up after themselves, there won't be any trace left of the demons straight out of hell.

Embody a ninja and become the last line of defense against the apocalypse!

In a row, head on, or from the side – your ninja obeys you at the twitch of a finger and descends on the enemy like a whirlwind. You do, however, need to find their weak points: some are armed (shields, lances, bombs), whereas others are highly cunning! If you survive, bosses and their minigames will try and mix things up…

In short, Nindash is:

  • An arcade game, now available exclusively on iOS;
  • 90 levels, 6 bosses, and 11 types of skeletons to confront;
  • Over 30 different ninjas to unlock;
  • And best of all: It's free!

Get your shurikens ready: Nindash is coming for your smartphones!


Arcade game on tablets and smartphones.

Worldwide, exclusive release on iOS, Monday, January 9.

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