Although new features arrive in the game patch after patch, that's not the only place where new features come into being! Toornament has just released its pick & ban feature!

If you have already taken part in a tournament organized by Ankama, you must have already created a Toornament account. We decided to work with them to offer you even more possibilities in Krosmaga!

These new features on Toornament are very much linked to the new Krosmaga tournament mode. For the moment, we have integrated a deck creation system, but it still lacks many features before you will be able to manage a tournament from when it is created up until the final. As you might expect, that is where Toornament acts as a tournament management platform!

Some of you have noticed the appearance of the "Pick & Ban" option on Toornament. It is the first feature in a series that will allow you to organize tournaments in the best possible conditions! You can now manage picks and bans directly on their site without having to go through referees (thanks also to all of you who helped us in 2017). And we are pleased to announce that we are working on setting up this "Pick & Ban" system in the game. You will have to wait a little while before the feature appears, but we are eager to provide it to you!

So, at the same time, we are working on developing version 2 of tournament mode that is, for the moment, reserved for official tournaments. As soon as we are satisfied it works properly, we will allow some organizers the right to use it. And maybe even one day, you'll be able to combine your tournaments created on Toornament with in-game tournaments!

We are looking forward to the idea of seeing this tournament mode finalized, and we can't wait to see Krosmaga tournaments flourishing on Toornament following the arrival of the "Pick & Ban" option!