The gods of the World of Twelve have their own priorities: They're usually more interested in handing out bruises than Kwismas cookies, but what they've got in store for you this time is better than sliced bread. Their special emissary for the season is the Kwismas Queen, and she's a real treat as well: get her for free in packs of 500 or more kamas until December 31!

Reindeer and sleds are fun and all, but not very useful in the Krosmaga arena. The Kwismas Queen card, on the other hand, is a fountain of surprises! Play her just a little to see… and you'll see! You'll see gifts appearing at random on the arena. The first creature to step on the gifts gets to keep them! But be careful. Don't barrel down on them like a nearsighted Iop who's glimpsed a windmill: Each gift could be a bonus just as easily as a penalty. Yes, the Kwismas Queen has a bit of an evil streak.

But if you're here, that means you like living dangerously. So don't dally! Get the Kwismas Queen card for free in every pack of 500 or more kamas until Sunday, December 31 (at 11:59 p.m. CET)!