The end of the year is nearing, and the gifts under the tree are piling up. Krosmaga hasn't forgotten you, and this season's rewards are bringing the year to a close in style!

Have you been fighting proudly since the start of the season with the aim of reaching the top 32, or simply to prove to your friends that you're the best? Keep climbing the rankings, because this season's rewards are outstanding! 

This season's platform and trophies have been inspired by Djaul, the Protector of Descendre. He is responsible for the birth of Bolgrot, the dragon that descended upon Amakna. He declares an undying hatred for the other Protectors of the Months. This season's rewards were made by [AISK], so please leave a comment about his creations!

All players who reach rank 6 or higher (and who have played at least one match this season in ranked mode) will receive this platform, and players who reach Veteran rank will also receive a trophy depending on their final ranking. Season 11 will end automatically at 1 a.m. (CET) on Monday, January 2. You can then jump straight into season 12!

Good luck to all, and enjoy the rush!

PS: Keep an eye open, because other gifts will be arriving in Krosmaga to celebrate Kwismas!