This new expansion has it all: the first appearance of the goddess Feca, the Brotherhood of the Forgotten, and new cards for each class. To discover all 90 new cards, pick up the pre-order pack: 25 Brotherhood of Oropo packs, an exclusive platform, and two new phrases to use in-game! This pack is available until midnight (CET) on December 11.

To deal with the Brotherhood's scheming, the goddess Feca will need to be well-prepared. And with this new pack, you'll be ready for some duels at the summit too!

In amongst a collection of shields, you'll find the following content:

  • 25 packs from the Brotherhood of Oropo expansion, for a total of 125 cards from the expansion. Each pack contains 5 cards, including at least one of Rare quality or higher. You're also guaranteed to get at least one Infinite card among these 25 packs!
  • 1 exclusive Oropo platform* (can be used by any god or goddess).
  • 2 phrases* to use in combat to flatter, provoke or thank your opponents!
    • "Welcome to where former gods fall and new gods rise!"
    • "I didn't come here to suffer, okay?"

That's one heck of a great start for players who want to get the most out of this expansion! And all for just €14.99. Each Brotherhood of Oropo pack is a 100-kama value in-game – so this pack includes 7 free boosters along with the free platform and phrases!

Oropo's schemes won't stop you from getting your hands on this pack, but be quick: it's only available until midnight (CET) on December 11!

Here are a few examples of the cards available in the new Brotherhood of Oropo packs:

* These two items of exclusive content will be available only in this pack, and will not be available for purchase once the expansion has been released.