A lot of you have been battling your way up through the rankings this season in hopes of qualifying for the tournament. Now it's time to come check out the top 32 players who'll be collecting points in the KWS rankings!

The level of play has been exceptionally high this season, and we've seen an impressive range of different decks – from Bow Meow Eca and Grind Enutrof to Necronomigore Xelor and Aggro Cra! We're pretty happy to see that so many different decks are viable and being used, both in high-level play and further down in the ranks.

We're looking forward to a live demonstration of these different decks during the end-of-season tournament on December 9 and 10, featuring the top 32 players from the leaderboard. Here's the tree for this tournament with the names of all the qualified players.

As a reminder, the 32 participants will be playing not only for the cash prize of €3,000, but also to collect points that count toward their ranking in the KWS. You'll find all the details on the Krosmaga e-sports circuit here.

You can watch the tournament live on Saturday, December 9, starting at 7 p.m. CET on our official channel! Feel free to tell us in the comments which match or matches you'd most like to see. To follow the tournament live as it develops, go to the Toornament page for this event by clicking on the button below.

See the full tournament tree

You can cheer on your favorites on social media with the hashtag #KWS, and follow @krosmaga on Twitter, where we'll also be sharing updates on the tournament. Good luck to all the participants!