The goddess Feca has arrived, and she's brought over 70 new cards to add to your collection. And with them come new mechanics. In this article, we're going to explain exactly how they work!

New cards means new rules! No fewer than 3 new mechanics will be making their debut with the release of this expansion. The goddess Feca gets the biggest share of the spoils, with two mechanics just for her, creating a unique and original gameplay style; but the Brotherhood of the Forgotten also has a fearsome weapon up its sleeve... Keep reading to find out more!

Rallying: Onward Ho!

The Rallying ability is one of the goddess Feca's exclusive powers. So much so that all Feca Minions will have it! How's that for teamwork!

The Rallying power works as follows: "If an allied Minion with Rallying is on an adjacent row, the Minion played will advance to the cell alongside it."

In other words, a Minion with Rallying is going to be able to join another Minion with this same power if it is further forward on the battlefield. This power only works on adjacent rows. So, by positioning Minion A on a row to the left or right of Minion B, if both of them have the Rallying power, Minion A will move forward until it's alongside Minion B.

Bear in mind, though, that Rallying isn't a Charge! If an obstacle blocks the Minion's path, it will stop moving in its tracks, but won't attack.

Some Feca Minions also have their own effects that come into play when they rally to a Minion, or when another Minion rallies to them. The possibilities are huge! Here's a typical Feca card with Rallying:

(Translation: Rallying, Armor-Piercing.


Glyphs: Mind Your Step!

The other mechanic exclusive to the goddess Feca involves Glyphs. These usually take the form of spells that place a Glyph on a targeted cell on the battlefield while producing another additional effect.

A Glyph on the ground behaves a little like a Seed or a Pile of Bones… but there are some differences. If an enemy Minion walks over a Glyph, it is destroyed; if, on the other hand, an allied Minion walks over it, the Glyph remains intact and does not generate any additional effects.

But if an allied Feca walks over a Glyph, a secondary effect will be activated! The Minion gains an Armor bonus based on how your Glyphs are positioned. It will gain +1 Armor for each row containing one of your Glyphs, up to a maximum of +5. So, if you've positioned a Glyph on rows 2, 3 and 5, your Minion will gain +3 AR. If you put all 3 Glyphs on row 1, however, your Minion will only gain +1 AR.

Glyph positioning is therefore crucial in getting the most out of them! Not to mention that some Feca spells also make good use of the position or number of Glyphs you have in play… Here's just one of many examples using Glyphs:

(Translation: Glyph. When it is played, this spell deals 3 damage to the minions surrounding the glyph.)


The Brotherhood: Everyone and Their Brother!

The secret's out! The main antagonists from Wakfu Season 3 are making their appearance in Krosmaga… In order to strengthen their group identity, all members of the Brotherhood of the Forgotten have a shared power, aptly named Brotherhood.

This power is diabolically simple: when a Minion with Brotherhood comes into play, you can target an enemy Minion. If you do, all copies of this Minion in your enemy's deck will be discarded!

Oh, yes! This is dangerous power that will be able to deprive your opponent of any cards they have in duplicate or triplicate if they're not careful. But as powerful as they are, the members of the Brotherhood are not omnipotent: Brotherhood has no effect on cards currently in the hand, and the affected cards will go into the discard pile, from which they can be retrieved using other cards.

This isn't the only thing these Infinite cards are good for, of course… Take, for example, Bump, which combines both Feca tactics and the Brotherhood power!

(Translation: Brotherhood, Rallying. Appearance: gives +2 AR to other minions on his line.) 

Now you know all about the mechanics in this expansion! But you still have plenty of cards left to discover… So, keep in touch on our social networks (Twitter and Facebook) where we'll be unveiling them over the course of the next few days!