It’s no longer a secret by now: Feca is coming to Krosmaga on December 12th! But it won’t be the only addition from that update… Try these new features in Beta right now!  

This new Beta session aims to test two new additions: the automated ending of Ranked seasons and the new effect’s resolution order. We have worked hard on these two features these last few weeks, and we wish to test it further before the official release. These will be big changes for Krosmaga, and we want to be sure everything will work properly when we switch Ranked seasons in the middle of the night or when a Storm Arrow will hit the board.

If you don’t have the Beta Krosmaga updater already, you can download it by clicking the button below and you’ll have just the time to finish reading the news before launching it!

Download the Beta launcher (PC)

Download the Beta launcher (Mac)

Changing the order of effects

You may sometimes ask yourselves which effect will be activated first. Why did some Armored Young Drhellers survive your Storm Arrow? It will now be much clearer with the changes we’ve applied to the effects’ order of resolution. We told you about it in the latest micro-blog, you will now be able to experience it by yourself.

Until today, actions were resolved one target at a time when several targets were affected. If a few Armored Baby Drhellers were to be hit by a Storm Arrow, then the first minion hit would trigger its effect before the Arrow deals its damage to the other minions. As a result, the other Armored Baby Drhellers would receive their AT and AR bonus before taking any damage.

We have changed this so all effects of the Storm Arrow would be resolved first, and then all effects triggered by the affected minions will resolve afterwards. In addition, we have given priority to damage over any other effect.

In gif form, it looks like this:  


Automatic season change

Since the very first Ranked season of Krosmaga, their end has always been activated manually. We needed to be there in person and close the game in order to patch it up and start a new season. The community asked for more regular closures, at fixed hour even, and it is now possible! Our dev team has worked on this feature for the last few weeks so it can be available for the next patch.

In order to make sure the system works properly, we will need your help on the Beta version! We will activate this system several times during the Beta and check if it performs as expected. So don’t hesitate to try Ranked play directly in the Beta so you can see the results more easily!

How to properly report a bug?

This Beta is made to help us find bugs and troubles about these two features, therefore you won’t find any content related to the new Feca cards. However, your help will be precious to perfect these new systems.

To help us tracking bug with the most efficiency, please follow these few guidelines:

  • Post all of your bug reports in this section of the forums: [here]
  • Indicate, in your thread’s name, the words [BETA 1.7] and then your problem.
  • Send us the krosmaga-log.txt file at with a link to your forum thread. This file can be found in the game files, next to Krosmaga.exe. Beware, you must copy it right after getting hit by a bug, without restarting the game, otherwise the file will be replaced each time you start the game again. 
  • Effects’ order bugs are sometimes difficult to explain in a text media. If you’re able to do so, record your games with a video program (such as OBS). This would be of invaluable help for us.
  • Whether you’re able to make a video or not, take as many screenshots as possible. We’re especially looking for: the board state before and after your action, and the actions history (especially where the trouble lies).
  • Be precise in your bug’s description. Explain clearly what was the action you were expecting to see and the one you’ve actually witnessed.
  • Explain how to reproduce the bug, in the most precise way possible. The order in which the cards are played or their position on the board may have an influence. Here’s an example:
    • Place Scarafly on the 1st line.
    • Place Decepticod on the 5th line.
    • Play Burning Blood.
    • Notice that Decepticod hasn’t received the AR bonus from the Scarafly.
  • If the bug happens several times, please tell us how frequently the bug appears. Is it systematic with these cards, or does it happen once in a while? This is very important data for us.
  • Try some out-of-left-field combos and weird cards, it usually where strange interactions lie!
  • Always be ready to report a bug. Keep your screenshot/video recording tools close at hand. If you can’t capture a bug when it happens, try to recreate it in a more controlled manner during another game.

We thank you in advance for your help in this endeavor. Let’s make the game even better together!