No, you're not dreaming: You've only just discovered the Vampyro pack, and we're already announcing that the next patch will get a playtest!

On October 30 and 31, we'll be welcoming seven players to Ankama's offices. They were selected based on their leaderboard performances, involvement in the community, and knowledge of the game. The lucky winners are:

  • BraveOdin
  • Bloum
  • Show-Mage
  • Mihomme-Michel
  • Crystauw
  • Oplee
  • NabesTebann

They will get a sneak peak at the content of the upcoming patch and a chance to give the Krosmaga Game Designers their feedback. There's no point trying to coax information out of them, because we haven't yet told them what those two days have in store for them! But make no mistake: They will be busy and it won't be a stroll in the park! They'll be testing new mechanics, identifying potential combos, and even making suggestions on balancing!

The October issue of Gamakna will have more end-of-year Krosmaga news for you, so you don't have long to wait for the first official pieces of information!