The Krosmaga e-Sport Season Starts Off Strong! What Tournaments! After a highly competitive Krosmaga Open Tournament that allowed four semi-finalists to qualify directly for the Krosmaga Exclusive Tournament, the latter gave participants an opportunity to play for a cash prize of €10,000!

If you took part in the KOT, you left with a prize based on your performance. And if you have been keeping up, you must know that Pepe-Senjutsu, Oplee, BlackorWhite75 and Chibratausore were the big winners in this tournament because they qualified for the KET!

Here are a few statistics from the last weekend of the KOT:

You'll notice that Sacrier and Xelor were the most played gods while Enutrof was the least picked and banned.

If you'd like to relive this incredible competition, you can watch the replays on Twitch!

But let's look at the top of the barrel… the upper crust… the cream of the crop of tournaments: the Krosmaga Exclusive Tournament! We can say that it was just one exceptional match after another…

There were clear unquestionable wins (Ex-Oplee vs TheFishou), surprises (BestMarmotte vs Chibratosaure), suspense (Ex-Oplee vs BestMarmotte) and more – basically, everything you expect from a Krosmaga tournament!

Here are the statistics:

The divinity that wins the "pick and ban" prize is… Sacrier.

Unsurprisingly, we find Enutrof, Sram and Sadida at the end of the line as a result of never being picked or banned!

Among the winners, BlackorWhite75 proudly reached the foot of the podium and won the €500 for fourth place. Proto took third place and the €1,500 prize. Well done, both of them!

The duel was intense, but first and second place winners needed to be determined: Ex-Oplee reached the second step of the podium and left with the hefty sum of €3,000. Quite a prize!

The big winner of the 2017 Krosmaga Exclusive Tournament was the surprising BestMarmotte, who took first place along with the €5,000 that went with it! Congratulations! His journey was fantastic.

The rest of Krosmaga e-Sport is coming soon. Stay connected on the site and social media! If you want to see the highlights of this exceptional tournament again, you can watch the replays on Twitch! See you soon and kudos to all our players!