Patch 1.6 is composed of two major parts. First, there is the Halloween pack with its new cards and the reworking of the Chafer, Ghoul and Boowolf families. Then, there is the balancing of neutral, Iop and Xelor cards. The beta testing that we were able to organize and the extensive player feedback were very beneficial. Thank you very much!

Hello, weeny? It's Pumpkin! The New Cards and Al Howin Rework

Halloween is always an opportunity to do something zany, and that's why we wanted to add new Halloween-themed content. And what could be more representative than skeletons, werewolves, ghouls, and the classiest of vampires?

Skin or No Skin, the Chafers Will Get You

You must admit, our skeletons were hardly an attractive lot. Their resurrection mechanism had little impact in the game and was enough to condemn them to oblivion. We wanted to give them their own unique family mechanic, so we added the "Pile of Bones" mechanic. These "Piles of Bones" appear on the board when Chafers die or thanks to some of their abilities. While they have no impact on enemies that destroy them by walking on them, they give the Living-Dead nice buffs when they walk over them and can even act as spots where some of the Living-Dead can appear! With four new Chafers, you can play an entire family truly harmoniously. The more Chafers you play, the more Piles of Bones (free to play) you'll have to boost your troops, and the more pressure you can apply by summoning troops further and further away on the board – or even directly in the enemy camp.

Boowolves, or the Boney-O Bone-anza

Boowolves have always been a bit odd in Krosmaga. Capable of providing a considerable advantage if they activate their Final Blow, they suffered from a cost that was slightly too high. They've now been balanced. They can defend themselves more easily, and the help necessary for them to evolve is less expensive. And if you do manage to evolve into a Boowerewolf, there's little chance that an enemy Dofus can resist you. As for Full Moon, it is a welcome addition to activate their ability. Don't forget: Boowolves are defensive creatures but they can often counter attack violently.

Ghouls (and Their Punny Names)

Previously part of the vampire family, Ghouls were Minions that mainly had a teleportation mechanic, but their use was limited to a few Sacriers who attempted to drive them to the other side of the game board with Burning Blood. Now, with four new Ghouls (including one Krosmic), we have developed a new synergy. The Horde mechanic allows you to lower the cost of all Ghouls by one AP every time a Ghoul is killed. And it even works on Ghouls that are still in your deck! Thus, if your Ghouls seem expensive compared to their effects to start with, all it takes is for two or three of them to hit the cemetery for the cost reduction to be truly interesting. And just like any good zombie story, your opponent will rapidly be overrun by the horde of Minions, which will cost you less and less, until they are free! And – cherry on the cake – the new Vampyro Infinite is also part of the family!

And the Balancing Continues!


In the last patch, we had made progress improving class cards, and this time we tackled Iop and Xelor along with a few emblematic Infinites and Krosmics.

Infinites Are Back

With his new Summoning of Crobak effects (and the reworking of this token), Kabrok is likely to find a spot in a lot of decks! Powerful and capable of being a threat rapidly in several ways, Osamodas has got a second wind, or rather can now really make feathers fly.

Speaking of second winds, Kerub ** and Kerub *** have also seen a change in their AP Cost so they can be played earlier and therefore take advantage of their effect sooner. Atcham, for his part, recovers a Health Point for all his levels, in order to take better advantage of his ability to resist spell damage. Count Harebourg has been reworked to focus completely on recovering and destroying prisms. His one-star version will help players with aggressive decks, while his two-star version lets you either renew your hand or rain curses down on your opponent.

Finally, a special shout out to Bakara, whose two-star and three-star powers have flipped. Now, you'll really hesitate between recovering two of your spells and attempting to steal Craps or Destructive Arrow from your opponent!

Krosmics Up to Scratch

With the new limit on the number of Krosmics per deck, some of them needed a little bit of a push. This is the case with Miranda whose overly weak body didn't let her take advantage for very long when she takes control. As for Sire Flexington, his was perhaps the least-played card in Krosmaga… Until now! Now, playing this card at the right time will let you make the loss of any Dofus, real or fake, come with a hefty price-tag! And the famous Chafer King will make any game based on Piles of Bones seem very invasive all of a sudden…

Finally, in the nerf department, we have Ferflee and Craps. Ferflee was infamous for its combo with Justice ***, which was almost guaranteed to take a Dofus without resistance. By dying at the end of its movement, its effect will be more reasonable for its cost. And Craps, well… Craps is better.

Iop Loves Hitting First and Talking After

We wanted to strengthen the least-played mechanics and cards of our favorite lout. We therefore turned out thoughts to the "Initiative" mechanic. We see it as an alternative or supplement to his usual range of spells. In theory, Initiative is very strong because a Minion with high Initiative can, if it has a good Attack, be very difficult for your opponent to handle. In practice, however, the cost was too high for it to find its place among the damage spells that abound in the game. Now, it is a viable alternative! And, just think: Boowolves under Initiative – cool, right?

We also wanted to strengthen the class Minions to clearly mark the Iop identity. Your opponent will have to handle Gzenah rapidly or face serious damage when her allies appear. Sono Sino no longer charges and instead gets a very advantageous body for a T4 (plus, under Devastate, he will be, err, devastating). For its part, "Call to Brawl" offers a new powerful option to re-fill your hand! And why not draw Felida? Less expensive, and lowering the cost of your Minions, she will let Iop Zoo decks be played reliably (but they will also be more expensive to buff with spells).

Will we see an Iop front and center in a competition soon? We might!

Xelor, Return of the Mummy

When talking about competitive classes, impossible to forget Xelor. He's never really been the most popular god, but he has always been among the most picked and banned classes in tournaments. However, even though he has extremely strong control spells, a large number of his cards were not used.

First, his Minions: Even though they had their own identity, they regularly took a back seat to neutral Minions. Now, the mummies have girded their bandages to become the true defenders they always should have been. Many of Brakmar has become a card picker costing 4 AP, and can now find a place in the Necronomigore, as a Sinistro or simply to go get Miss Night. And, having lost two AP, Miss Night has suddenly become a quite honorable Krosmic! In addition, she combines very well with Missiz Freezz, whose abilities now cost less! This allowed us to revalue one of the least-played Xelor archetypes: the AP Reserve Xelor. Who else benefits? The new Radoris Montrouge. Useful at every stage of the game, he can even become a true beast at game end, provided you have a few action points in reserve. And speaking of action points in reserve, feel free to save a few for the Meticulous Synchronizer. Much stronger than before, he'll let you strengthen your Xelor Minions at just the right time!

Except for the Minions, many Xelor spells were being ignored. Indeed, it is hard to choose utility spells when your blasts are so powerful. With the idea of strengthening the AP Reserve archetype, we worked on some of the little-played spells. Rapidly increase your reserve without restrictions with Exactitude, steal your opponent's reserve with the zero-AP Xelorium, and play your new Xelor's Sandglass to increase your AP for the current turn!

In-Game Tournament Mode!


Krosmaga has entered the e-sport world and you'll soon discover the Krosmaga World Series content. Until now, however, tournaments were organized on third-party sites, and out of a desire to develop the competitive side of Krosmaga, we worked on developing a true in-game tournament mode!

There were several challenges linked to our desire to develop the e-sport:

  • It was not easy for players to share their results with the organizers.
  • In the event of disputes, it was complicated for referees to verify which player was right.
  • For Conquest mode tournaments, it was impossible to ensure that players didn't modify their decks between matches.
  • For tournament participants, it was not easy to find their opponents in-game.

To overcome these challenges, we decided to include a Tournament mode within Krosmaga. Starting with the next patch, participants in official tournaments will see a "Tournament" button on their home screen. Let's take a look at what this new mode offers.

The decks that you create for the tournament will be displayed on the right. As soon as you have entered your four decks, you're ready. You can consult and modify them up until your first match begins. After the start of your first match, they will be locked until the end of the tournament.

All the participants will be listed on the left of the main screen, and you can filter by name. That is where you can challenge an opponent, once you've agreed. You no longer need to friend your opponents!

All the tournament matches will be recorded, and the chosen referees can see the results and gods played. You no longer need to send screenshots to the organizer, no more disputes, and we can give you precise statistics!

As you can see, tournament mode will solve all the problems we had faced up until now when organizing tournaments. The first version will only be available for official tournaments, but we are already working on the next version that you can all use. Many challenges await in the development of this tournament mode, and we'll keep you informed on the progress being made in upcoming microblogs.