A shadow has fallen over the World of Twelve. In the darkness, eyes glow red like lanterns. Do they belong to Boowolves? Or maybe Ghouls? Or could it be Chafers?! Good heavens! They will all be in the Vampyro pack!

With the next patch on Tuesday, October 24, existing Chafers, Ghouls, and Boowolves will be improved – a wonderful occasion to bring a few new ones into the fold with a bright spanking new pack of 12 cards available the same day in the Krosmaga shop: the Vampyro Pack.


Chafers (x4)

These walking skeletons will have a new mechanic: Pile of Bones. In short, every time a Chafer dies under an opponent's blows, it will fall into a pile of bones that will remain on the cell where it fell. Sometimes, all it takes is for a Pile of Bones to appear on the board to strengthen its peers; other times, a Chafer must reach the cell in question to receive a bonus. Oh, no, Chafers never give up, not even when they're dead!


Ghouls (x4)

Vampyro's slaves won't be short-changed this Al Howin because they also get a new mechanic: Horde! In short, every time a Ghoul dies (yes, yes, we know: at Al Howin, you need to die to be good!), it lowers the AP cost of the other Ghouls. Result: The more Ghouls that die, the more Ghouls invade the board!


Al Howin Gobball (x 2)

These cute creatures are also capable of the worst during the holidays. Thus, one of these two Gobballs will be given the Chafer mechanic – Pile of Bones – while the other, shaped like a Pumpkwin, will spread the infamous curse by turning the opponent that dared kill it into a… Pumpkwin Gobball. Knuckle sandwiches or a spell? Both!


Moon (x 1)


This wall will strengthen Boowolves. And they won't just be yowling at the moon…


Infinite: Vampyro (x1 + level 2 & 3 evolutions)


Having escaped Forfut, Count Vampyro won't be there to sell flowers. If he shows his teeth: RUN! He's planning on making you spit out your teeth! Master of the Ghouls, he is also quite logically a master in the art of how to use the "Horde" mechanic.


Vampyro Pack Characteristics

To obtain these cards, you can buy the Vampyro Pack in the in-game Shop or on our website. Available for €4.99, this pack will contain all 12 new cards in their maximum playable amounts, for a total of 32 cards (10 cards x 3 copies + 1 Krosmic + 1 Infinite).

And to celebrate Al Howin, if you buy this pack between October 24th and November 7th (included), you will receive the following cosmetics for free:

  • 4 animated Al Howin emotes
  • 1 Al Howin platform
  • 4 in-game phrases

Finally, all the cards in these packs can be individually crafted in-game! Emotes, phrases and platform will however stay exclusive to the Vampyro Pack.

So, if you want to terrify your opponents with your new recruits and emotes from the Season of Fright, be ready for October 24th!