Valiantly climbing the ladder testing what's new in patch 1.5? Here are the rewards to be won in season 8!

After a lively start to the season thanks to the changes brought by patch 1.5, it's time to reveal the season 8 rewards! You seem very motivated to climb the ladder – and that's perfect because this season's rewards are tip-top!

Raval the Terrible, guardian of the month September, inspired this season's platform and trophies. Chasing away summer, he knows how to go to extremes. His powers give the even most battle-hardened the cold sweats, and he is sometimes compared to the Reaper himself! It is therefore normal that the platform just drips with death and violence!

All players who have reached rank 6 or higher (and who have played at least one match this season in ranked mode) will receive this pedestal, and players who have reached Veteran rank will also receive a trophy based on their final ranking. The season will end at 10 a.m. CEST on Monday, October 2nd, so you still have a little time left to achieve the best possible rank!

Good luck to all, and enjoy the rush!