Due to a bug, players have been set to a lower rank than expected after the seasonal reset. We will offer a compensation to players active in ranked mode during season 6. 

After the August 1st patch, a certain number of players have been set to a rank in Ranked play lower than the one they should have been after the seasonal reset. It is a technical difficulty on our side that has caused this situation, and unfortunately, it isn’t possible for us to set the Ranks manually to correspond to their expected levels.

In addition, players having reached Veteran rankings haven't received their trophies depending on their final rank.

We deeply apologize for this situation. We understand that this bug affects negatively your progression, therefore, we will give out a compensation to every player active during the 6th ranked season : 200 kamas and a Noxine will be send to them in the next few days. We will also credit Veteran trophies directly for players who rightfully deserve it.

We apologize again for this situation, and thank you for your patience. Have fun in-game!