Your pets can now be transferred to Krosmaga. The wait to see what your animals will look like once sent to the gods' favorite card game is now over!

You've spent the last few days cuddling, mollycoddling and training your pet, but now it's time to start thinking about its future. And we've come up with the perfect career for your cherished creature: Helping one of the Krosmoz gods during their favorite card game's epic battles!

Yes, indeed. Now, you can convert your DOFUS Pets into Krosmaga decorations to customize the appearance of your in-game god or goddess.

When you transfer your pet over to Krosmaga, you'll get a trophy that you can place on the front of your platform, depending on the final evolution of your pet:

What's more, by unlocking 6 evolutions of a same pet in DOFUS Pets, you will also have the chance to get a new and exclusive Krosmaga platform:

Platforms can be used with all gods, and trophies can be placed on any of the platforms in your collection. You no longer have any excuse not to take your pet with you on your divine adventures!

To transfer your pet, you must first develop it to full maturity (which takes 20 days without using a Mushroom) and have 250 gems*. Once you meet these criteria, go to the transfer menu, select Krosmaga, and you're good to go!


*The transfer costs 250 Gems per pet for all 4 games. This means that if you've already unlocked your pet in DOFUS or WAKFU, you won't have to pay again.