You only have one month to climb the ranks of the leaderboard. But it's worth it: discover the new trophies and platforms offered as a reward for the Season 6 ranked matches!

So, is your blinding climb through the ranks of ranked mode coming along nicely? We hope you aren't overwhelmed by all the Enutrofs! They can run fast despite their old age… But don't worry, their ancestral technique is well known: you shake a bit of treasure near the finish line to motivate them to run!

The rewards for the Season 6 ranked matches will be under the sign of Hecate! This platform was designed by [Sephy] live during one of our streams. Do you want to see his creative process (again)? Then take a look at this video!

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After a few modifications and quite a bit of elbow grease, here's the final version of the platform, as well as some of the trophies that accompany it:

All players who reach rank 6 or higher (and who play at least one match in ranked mode during this season) will receive the platform, and players who reach the rank of Veteran will also receive a trophy matching their final ranking. The season will end on August 1st, so you still have a little time to reach the best possible rank!

Keep your eyes on the prize, redefine this new metagame offered to you since the expansion's release, and good luck to you all in your matches!