The « Necros and Paladirs » launch party at the Meltdown Bar closest to your home is drawing near. Here’s the program that awaits you on June 28th!

Many of you have already booked their evening on June 28th to come down to Meltdown. Some of you to prove that they have mastered the whole expansion in less than 12 hours (show-off!) by competing in a tournament, others just dream of getting the special Meltdown pedestal…

Wait, what? A Pedestal? Why yes! Let’s not beat around the bush: here’s what the pedestal you’ll be able to win on June 28th in every Meltdown bar looks like! Snazzy, right?

The program


The launch part will start at 8:00 PM in every Meltdown bar, and if you’d like to enter a tournament, you’d better be there when the doors open! Or you could just book your ticket on the Meltdown website (available on Sunday at 3:00 PM CEST). Tournaments will be opened to everyone, and the format used will depend on the number of registered players. Don’t hesitate to contact your local meltdown through Twitter or Facebook in order to get more information on this topic.

And for those of you who don’t care for tournaments, there will be several activies during the evening rewarded by pedestals as well! You might want to double check the expansion’s cards, there might be a quiz coming up…

Don’t forget to send us your pictures of that evening, be it on Twitter with the #MeltdownKrosmaga hashtag, or on Discord: we want to see you become true followers of Enutrof!