A new expansion means new abilities! In this devblog, we're going over everything from the all-powerful Necronomigore to inspiring new loot!

For this first expansion, besides adding the new Enutrof class, we wanted to shake up the existing game archetypes in Krosmaga. The four main archetypes are currently Aggro, Midrange, Control, and Mill. We decided to add a fifth that is focused mainly on defense but still quite versatile, with an emphasis on risk-taking in order to fulfill a new victory condition.

A Killer Book


The Necronomigore, an evil book to make your opponent shake in their boots, is the linchpin of this new strategy. Why should you want to build your deck around it? Quite simply because it's so powerful that, once activated, you are sure to win.

The way it works is simple: after obtaining the item, you can place it on an allied Dofus of your choice (much like a Sinistro). At that point, you'll have to defend it for 7 turns while your opponent does whatever they can to destroy it. If you manage to keep it alive until the countdown is over, the Necronomigore will deal 5 damage to all enemy Dofus at the end of each turn! Not bad, eh?

This book's the real deal, but be aware: getting your hands on it will take some preparation. In order to play it, you'll have to collect orbs.

What exactly are orbs, you ask?

With the expansion, each class will receive two Necros, or up to 6 cards in the deck. All Necros have a passive mechanic allowing them to gain an orb when they appear. But here's the interesting part: you may reveal then another one of your Dofus and receive an additional orb. The more risks you take, then, the faster you'll score the Necronomigore!

Another thing to note about Necros is that they don't get discarded upon dying; they are simply removed from the game. This makes them quite valuable.


Now you might be thinking, "But all those orbs are gonna fill up my hand!" Not to worry, we accounted for that. Once you have 3 orbs in your hand, they will automatically combine to form a Golden Orb, and when you have 2 golden orbs, they merge to create the Necronomigore. To recap, then, it takes a total of 6 orbs to get the Necronomigore, and then 7 turns to win the match.

Also keep in mind that orbs, golden or otherwise, are not dead cards! An orb can be used to deal 2 damage to a Minion for the cost of 4 AP – not exactly cheap, but it could save your skin in a critical moment. For the same cost, you can use the Golden Orb to make all your Dofus invulnerable for one turn. A powerful effect, to be sure, but then it's half the cost of a Necronomigore…

With this new archetype, we wanted to allow for a new way to win, one based on defense instead of offense (as most current decks are geared).

However, the Necronomigore cannot stand up against every single deck. If you reveal your Dofus without being cautious, you'll open yourself up to attack by aggro decks, which will happily finish you off before your book can even activate!


Sweet loot!


As we've been teasing the expansion, a number of you have wondered about the new loot mechanic coming with the Enutrof class.

This loot will be in the form of little sacks placed on the board through new Minions or spells. When a Minion passes over Loot, it collects the item for its owner, who then receives one of the following cards at random:


Though some Enutrofs have effects that can make your decks Loot-oriented, all classes will be able to take advantage of this mechanic using Chests. When those Minions die, they make Loot appear at the start of your lane, just within your grasp! But they won't appear if a Minion is already occupying the cell, and they will replace a prism if one is there.

So, the loot mechanic will provide a little boost to anyone that uses it, whether in terms of their damage or their draw pile.


What else?


The expansion will feature plenty of new gameplay elements associated with new cards. Here's a handy summary:

Drhellzerker: This is an optional new mechanic available to Enutrofs; it allows them to merge with a Drheller on the board when they appear. A Drhellzerker will have the combined HP and AT of the two merged minions and the Enutrof's MP. If a Drhellzerker returns to your hand, it will consume AP equal to that of the Enutrof that was used to create it.

Trap: Here's a new mechanic for the god Sram! After you use one of these spells, a trap will be added to your opponent's hand, and they will have 3 turns to play it. If your opponent doesn't play the trap before the end of the countdown, they will be hit with a negative effect. The player therefore has to watch closely for the right moment to get rid of the trap.

Irremovable: A Minion with this effect can no longer be moved, nor can it be returned to a player's hand by means of a spell or Minion. It will move around normally using MP at the end of the turn.

Lines: The concept of lines will be introduced. This is a series of 5 cells from left to right, as opposed to a row, which is 7 cells from top to bottom.

Vulnerability: A Minion with the Vulnerability effect will take 1 extra point of damage each time they take damage, making it the opposite of the Resistance effect!

Outnumbered: This is a necessary condition for certain effects to be triggered; the effects will only work if you have fewer Minions in play than your opponent.

And with that, you've learned pretty much everything there is to know about the mechanics in Necros and Paladirs! As a reminder, the expansion comes out June 28th! We can't wait!